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We Talk Community Acceptance With EDF's Christine Karlovic

How Cleantech Marketers Can Get Attention: Sell Emotion

US wind developers are losing the online battle against NIMBY groups

Tigercomm's Logo Gets a Facelift

Enel Green Power’s Nick Coil: When it Comes to Community Acceptance, Start Using Digital Tools EARLY

E.ON's Kevin Gresham on Digital Tools and Community Acceptance

Pattern Energy’s Adam Renz on Social Media in Community Acceptance

DTE's Matt Wagner on Wind Industry's Use of Digital Tools in Community Acceptance

With Modern Farming Operations “Massively Digitally Integrated,” Digital Tools “Should Play a Bigger Role"

Apex’s Dahvi Wilson on Digital Tools for Community Acceptance

Community Acceptance Insights with Paul Copleman, Avangrid Renewables

Wind developers agree: Project opponents organize online, but the developers don't

Media Roundup: 100% Clean Energy Increasingly the Achievable, Preferred Choice

Recent Study: Greater Solar, Wind Penetration Heightens Need for New Grid Practices

When It Comes to Pushing State Renewable Energy Goals Higher, Tom Steyer's On a Roll

Multiplier Effect Amplifies Value of Video Marketing for Cleantech Communicators

Cleantech Companies: Differentiate or Get Squeezed on Price

Media Roundup: California Sets New Standard for Residential Rooftop Solar

No Time For Legacy: The New Digital Playbook for Cleantech Marketers

Ørsted Is Looking to Lead on Offshore Wind Power

New SEIA Report Finds "America’s top companies are investing in solar in record amounts”

Energy Storage: Unlocking the Key to a Cleaner, More Reliable U.S. Power Grid

Latest Developments as Global Wind Capacity Set to Double by 2027

Utilities Increasingly Pledging to Move Towards Cleaner Power Mix

How to Solve Cleantech’s (All-Too-Common) Marketing Paradox

Recent Developments in the Booming Area of Battery Energy Storage

2018 Set To Be a Banner Year For Energy Storage

Polling Finds that Millennials Want Clean Energy, Climate Action

Corporations Broadening their Approach to Buying Clean Energy

U.S. Offshore Wind Gaining Momentum by the Gigawatt

CleanTechnica Calls Out Slanted, Biased Article on Wind Power

Apex Clean Energy Helps Sioux Nation Invest in Wind Power

Jayesh Goyal of Younicos Examines Impact of Explosive EV Growth

Cleantech companies face 5-part challenge to meet their sales goals

Takeaways From Tigercomm’s Cleantech Leaders Survey

Tax Experts: Renewables Come Out Ahead on Recent Tax Overhaul

From Green to Clean: Introducing Tigercomm’s Rebranded, “ScalingClean” Blog

Measuring what matters: How to know you’re on the path to success

Lazard's New 2017 Levelized Cost of Energy Analysis Shows Solar, Wind Costs Falling Further Below Fossil-Fired, Nuclear Power

IEA Revises Solar PV Forecast Up by 1/3 Over Last Year's Report; "Solar PV is entering a new era"

"Hot Topic" of Renewable Thermal Technologies Gains Momentum with New Initiative

New Report Examines "why and how corporates buy renewables," "strategies to increase renewable energy project development"

New Report Lays Out Detailed, Affordable, Job-Creating Roadmap to 100% Clean Energy for 139 Countries by 2050

New Report: "American clean energy is growing at an incredible pace," Can and Must Grow Even Faster

"Coal has no future"; Clean Energy Most Certainly Does

Bloomberg New Energy Finance: "By 2040, 54% of new car sales and 33% of the global car fleet will be electric"

New Study Finds Traditional Concept of "Baseload" Power Becoming Increasingly Problematic as Wind, Solar Boom

New BNEF Outlook Far More Bullish on Clean Energy Growth Through 2040 than EIA

New Report by GTM Research, Energy Storage Association Finds "biggest quarter in history for the U.S. energy storage market"

Vestas' Chris Brown to Wind Power Industry: Don't Be Distracted By Fear; Next Five Years Will Be Best Five Years of Your Life"

Why Wind and Cleantech Companies Have Left Digital-Social Marketing Power On Idle - And Why They Should Stop

Analysis of 6K Marketers Shows Video, Social Reigns

The New Energy Equation

Navigant: Global Market for Distributed Solar Plus Storage Could Hit 27.4 GW and $49.1b Annually

ESA Conference Keynote: Energy Storage Costs “Plummeting,” Industry Has “Turned a Corner”

Highlights from Michael Liebreich's BNEF Future of Energy Global Summit Presentation

Video: AWEA's Tom Kiernan, Vestas' Chris Brown, Xcel's Ben Fowke Discuss 2016 U.S. Wind Industry Annual Market Report

Georgia Solar Energy Association: "Solar creates jobs and contributes to our economy"

Vestas' Chris Brown: "Wind power is making America great – today"

New PJM study finds "no maximum on the amount of wind" energy that can be accommodated

Renew Financial CEO Cisco DeVries: PACE Clean Energy Financing "entering the big leagues"

Ethan Zindler of BNEF: U.S. Needs Energy Infrastructure to Take Advantage of Empowered Consumer, Plummeting Cleantech Costs

New Report Finds U.S. Clean Energy Jobs Outnumber Fossil Fuel Jobs by 2.5 to 1 Margin

IEA, IRENA Investment Needs for a "Low-Carbon Energy System"

New Study Finds Oil Companies' Cleantech Forecasts "Keep Getting It Wrong"

New AWEA/Navigant Study on U.S. Wind Power's Jobs and Economic Benefits: Highlights

New White Paper Finds Energy Storage Can Be "'Swiss army knife' of the power grid"

Harnessing the Power of Video: Clean Technology Marketing in the Digital Age

Survey Finds Trump Voters Strongly Support a Transition to Clean Energy

Does the Return of Solar's "Long Tail" Make the Case for Turnkey Marcom Solutions for Small Installers?

New Report Highlights "The Disruptive Power of Low-carbon Technology"

Cleantech Tips from TED: The Power Of Wearing Your Battle Stripes

Scaling Green’s 10 Leading Clean Energy Stories of 2016

Lazard's Brand-New 2016 Levelized Cost of Energy Analysis Shows Continued Declines in Solar, Wind Power Costs

New Report: Switch to a Clean Energy Economy "irrevocably underway"

Video: New Study Finds Huge Potential Cost Reductions Ahead for Onshore, Offshore Wind Power

Almost every wind energy company is using social media as a limited distribution platform

IEA's World Energy Outlook 2016 Released, Main Scenario Sees Renewables Making Up 60% of New Power Gen Through 2040

New IEA Report Ramps Up 5-Year Growth Forecast For Clean Energy

Global Wind Energy Council: Wind Could Supply 41% of World's Electricity Demand by 2050

How Bad Climate-Change-Fueled Hurricane Matthew-could-have-been

Largest Residential Energy Storage Fleet to Date is Planned for California

Vestas CEO Anders Runevad: "The future belongs to clean energy"

New DOE Report, Video Highlight Clean Energy Technologies "Revolution...Now"

New Report: To Avoid Climate Disaster, "No new fossil fuel extraction or transportation infrastructure should be built worldwide."

Focus on Solutions, Not Scary Facts, When Talking to Millennials About Climate Change

New ACORE Report: "Renewable energy is becoming the option of choice to power 21st Century America"

Rocky Mountain Institute Lays Out Realistic Clean Energy Economy Roadmap for China

Jigar Shah on the Mainstream Media's Behind-the-Times, False Conventional Wisdom About Clean Energy

Public Affairs is Vital Part of the Cleantech Marketplace

Highlights from Two New Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) Reports on U.S. Solar Power

New 2015 Wind Technologies Market Report Highlights Bright Picture for U.S. Wind Power Industry

Video: Green Commuter Explains How It's Working to "green your commute and make electric vehicle mobility affordable for all!"

Voting with Their Dollars: Public and Investors Increasingly Back Corporations That Support Sustainability

New Climate Central Study: Global Warming Has Already Increased Mosquito Season, Risk of Zika Virus Throughout U.S.

New Report Looks at "Top States that Helped Drive America’s Solar Energy Boom in 2015"

With Record-Breaking "Heat Dome" Possible Next Week, New Report Highlights Risk of Greenhouse Gas-Fueled Extreme Temperatures

Debt-Ridden Puerto Rico Needs to Move Off Expensive Fossil Fuels and Towards Affordable Clean Energy ASAP

Direct Corporate Purchasers Biggest Driver of Commercial Solar Sector Growth, But Funding Obstacles Remain For Smaller Purchasers

IRENA's "Letting in the Light" and "The Power to Change" Show Sky's the Limit for Solar, Wind

How Green Are Your Travel Plans?

"Solar is a technology, not a fuel": Why the Transition to a Clean Energy Economy Could Be Faster than Expected

New GTM "Solar Market Insight" Report Has a Lot of Good News for U.S. Solar Industry

Construction of Tallest Wind Power Turbine in U.S. Highlights Why Wind is the "Bridge to America's Clean Energy Future"

First-Ever Look at Social Media in the Wind Industry

Interview: Founder of Intelligent Room A/C Startup Discusses His Technology, Business Model and Creating “Better Harmony Between People and Nature”

EIA's 2016 "Early Release" Long-Term U.S. Energy Outlook Raises a Host of Questions

New EIA International Energy Outlook Has Clean Energy Growing Relatively Fast, But Still Not Fast Enough

Yale Report Finds Broad Support for Clean Energy Among Supporters of Leading Presidential Candidates

New Report: 10 States Making Things Particularly Difficult for Distributed Solar Power

EARTH DAY: Ten Ways to Save Energy While Helping the Environment

Clean Energy Industry Dodges Bullet in Supreme Court Ruling on Subsidizing Natural-Gas-Fired Power Plants

SunEdison Bankruptcy Doesn’t Change the Fact that the Solar Industry Boom is Just Getting Going!

"A move to 100% renewable power is practical, achievable, economically sound and overwhelmingly popular."

Outgoing President of Shell Talks World Energy Shifts

Michael Liebreich of BNEF Argues Persuasively that Bill Gates' Clean Energy "Miracle" Is Already Here

Lessons for the Clean Energy Industry from New Book on "How Propaganda Works"

Tim Worstall - "If we no longer need oil companies then let them fade away and redeploy their skills, capital and knowledge"

How to Fish with Inbound Marketing: 5 Ways to Catch a Lead

Clean Energy is Thriving Despite Low Oil Prices

Video: Stratfor Discusses the Rise of Electric Vehicles, Energy Storage Technology

6 Ways to Reduce Food Waste

"Boaty McBoatface?" Actually, This is a Serious Ship with an Important Climate-Related Mission

EIA's Response to Criticisms of Its Clean Energy Forecasts Fails to Address Core Concerns

B2B or Not to Be: Staying Competitive in Today’s Digital Marketing Environment

Checks and Balances Project Presses Investigation of Pro-Utility, Anti-Solar Arizona Corporation Commissioner

New Study: Scaling Up U.S. Offshore Wind Will Lower Per-Unit Costs Dramatically

SEIA: "2015 was a momentous year for solar power in the United States;" more to come in 2016 and beyond

Cleantech Marketing to the "Snapchat Generation"

Former FERC Chair, VP of Spruce Finance Demolish Fallacious Arguments Against Rooftop Solar

Video: In TED Talk, Al Gore Lays Out Clean-Energy-Based Case for Optimism on Climate Change

BNEF Webinar Explains "What's in store for clean energy in 2016" (and beyond)

Keys to Being an Effective Thought Leader in the Clean Energy Sector

New IEA Report: Regulation, Pricing Must Keep Pace with Technology Deployment to Achieve Rapid Scaling of Clean Power

With 4 Billion People Facing Water Scarcity, the Last Thing We Need is More Water-Intensive Fossil Fuels

Yann Brandt's SolarWakeup: "We are the change that the 20th century monopolies fight to keep away"

5 Strong Reasons Why States Should Move Ahead with Transition to Clean Energy No Matter What the Supreme Court Does

New Report Details "revolution transforming how the US produces, delivers, and consumes energy"

Greedy Coal Executives Mirror Growing Desperation of Coal Industry Sector on the Wrong Side of Economic History

New Study Finds Miami-Dade in Hot Water Due to Climate Change. Time for Florida to Switch to Clean Energy.

Today's Supreme Court Ruling on Demand Response "gives clean energy a huge boost"

Hottest Year on Record Highlights Need for Urgent Transition from Dirty to Clean Energy

Move Over 5 Stories, More Original Clean Energy Content Coming In '16

Video: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Webinar Looks at Benefits of Renewable Portfolio Standards

Download Our Clean Economy Infographic on Citi's Low-Carbon-Future Report

Cleantech Podcasts to Check Out

New Report by Greentech Media: Grid-Scale Energy Storage Balance-of-System Costs to Fall 40% by 2020

"Pathways to Deep Decarbonization" Report: Switching to Clean Energy Achievable, Creates Enormous Economic Opportunities

Scaling Green’s 15 Top Cleantech Stories of 2015

Top 15 Scaling Green Posts of 2015

New Report by Yale Finds "Nine Types of Americans" on Environmental Issues; Implications for "Green Marketing"

Why Don't Journalists Ask Fossil Fuel CEOs Whether THEIR Industry Can "Stand On Its Own Two Feet" Without Subsidies?

Video: Vestas CEO Anders Runevad advocates putting "cost on carbon" pollution as part of "simple," "market-based" system

Nevadans Demonstrate Strong Support for Rooftop Solar: Will State Leaders Listen?

"Eliminating fossil fuel subsidies could be a massive double win"

Anne Kelly of Ceres: "Businesses...increasingly recognizing that the low-carbon economy is inevitable, and frankly irresistible"

Compare and Contrast: As "Clean Coal" Fails, Google Doubles Clean Energy to Its Power Centers

Top 10 Takeaways from New Report Comparing Solar, Wind Deployment in California, Texas and Germany

Fossil-Fuel Power Industry Hopes to Exploit Syrian Refugee Crisis to Push Pro-Polluter Provisions Through Congress

Faced with Plummeting Price of Clean Energy, Fossil Fuel Interests Double Down on Discredited Arguments

Despite Urgent Need to Phase Out Fossil Fuel Subsidies, They Continue at "an eye-watering $452 billion every year"

Conservative Speakers at Clean Energy Summit Tout Virtues of Clean Energy

Nielsen Surveys Find Consumer Interest in Solar, Sustainability on the Rise

Leading By Example, California Agencies Help Cool the Planet

Checks and Balances Project Sues For Access to Commissioner Bob Stump’s Taxpayer-Funded Phone

ExxonMobil's PR Smog Screen

Audio: Why L’Oreal is focused on tackling climate change and achieving a global deal in Paris

Top 5 Digital Marketing Strategies for Cleantech B2B

Two New Stories Highlight Koch Brothers' and Fossil Fuel Industry's Unwillingness to "Stand on Their Own Two Feet"

Washington Post Story Highlights Checks & Balances Project’s Work to Expose Anti-Clean-Energy, Pro-Polluter Front Group

Isn’t it Time Fossil Fuels “Stood on Their Own Two Feet?”

Another Sign of Momentum for U.S. Offshore Wind

Communication is Key to Build a Movement to Save the World

Citi Report Destroys the Main Arguments Against Switching to a Clean Energy Economy

Trip to Glacier National Park Highlights Urgent Need for Clean Energy Scaling

VP Joe Biden to Solar Power International 2015 "Thank you for what you're doing for our country. Thank you for what you're doing for the world." (video)

UPDATE: Downgrading Gov. Chris Christie to a "D" on Our Clean Energy and Climate Change Report Card

Fossil Fuel Divestment Moves Appear to Be Picking Up

Top 100 Cleantech Buzzwords to Know

Fossil Fuel Industry Flack, Apologist Robert Bryce Strikes Again; Spews Disinformation About Wind Power

Jigar Shah, Raj Pannu on Clean Energy as Quintessentially American - "can-do, right-now, yes ma’am"

Media Interviews: The 7 Deadly Sins

Chris Mooney Highlights Two New DOE Reports on the "U.S. wind energy boom"

2016 Presidential Candidates: Their Grades on Energy, Climate Issues

5 Stories: Stacking Up The States Under The Clean Power Plan

Clean Power Plan Success Hinges on Winning the “Race to Define”

James Hansen: Earth Can Avoid Climate Disaster "if we make the price of fossil fuels honest"

Newsweek: Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining "may be increasing cancer risk and exacerbating [Appalachia's] poverty"

On the Record – Trade Media Coverage is Top Tier Coverage

Converging Vectors Drive Accelerating Clean Energy Industry Growth

Johnson Controls, World Resources Institute Launch Building Efficiency Initiative Newsletter

"The fossil fuel industry receives billions in taxpayer subsidies as the wind industry fights to take flight"

The Motley Fool Examines Three Utilities' Approaches to Dealing with the Distributed Energy Revolution

Stanford Study Demonstrates Yet Again: Moving to 100% Clean Energy Economy Both "technically and economically possible"

New Study: Government financing for coal "exacerbating climate change" and "needs to stop, immediately"

David Roberts of Vox: President Obama "willing to support policies that boost supply of clean energy; but he is not willing to constrict the supply of fossil fuel energy"

David Roberts of Vox: President Obama "willing to support policies that boost supply of clean energy; but he is not willing to constrict the supply of fossil fuel energy"

Five Energy Stories Worth Reading Today (6/1/15)

Interesting Visitors

Five Energy Stories Worth Reading Today (5/12/15)

Five Energy Stories Worth Reading Today (5/4/15)

SolarCity CEO Lyndon Rive Sees Fossil Fuels Becoming the "Alternative" Source of Energy

Video: Gulf of Mexico Oil Leak Has Been Going On for 10 Years, Is Far Worse than Company Claims

Five Energy Stories Worth Reading Today (4/17/15)

Five Energy Stories Worth Reading Today (4/13/15)

New Report: Implementing EPA Clean Power Plan Can Be Job Creator for Virginia

New Study: Clean energy "offers serious benefits for low- and fixed-income households in particular"

New Study Shows Revenue-Neutral Carbon Tax Would Slash CO2 Emissions, Increase Jobs in Rhode Island

Five Energy Stories Worth Reading Today (3/24/15)

DBL Investors: For States, More Renewable Energy Means Lower Power Prices

Five Energy Stories Worth Reading Today (3/17/15)

Edison Electric Institute's Hypocrisy on Solar Power Knows No Bounds

Studies by Two Major Banks Show Solar Rapidly Gaining Cost Advantage Over Fossil Fuels

Three Recent, Must-Read Articles on the Battle for Clean Energy at the State Level

Citigroup "proud" of "$100 billion investment in sustainable growth and our collective futures"

Washington Monthly Article Highlights Need for Cleantech to Counter Fossil Fuel Influence Peddling Efforts

As Canada's Tar Sands Industry Nears "Death Spiral," Canadian Government Keeps Pushing Hard for Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline

Under "Growing Public Pressure," Edelman PR Splits with the American Petroleum Institute

Five Energy Stories Worth Reading Today (2/20/15)

New, Bipartisan Poll: Overwhelming Support in Virginia for Clean Energy, CO2 Pollution Reductions

New Poll: U.S. Public Overwhelmingly Wants to Move Off of Fossil Fuels, Towards Clean Energy

Solar Power Grows by Leaps and Bounds in USA...But NOT in Virginia

Five Energy Stories Worth Reading Today (1/21/15)

New Poll: Likely 2016 Voters Want Shift to Solar, Wind; Away from Coal, Oil

New Study: Clean Offshore Wind Power Would Create More Jobs than Dirty, Dangerous Offshore Oil Drilling in Virginia, Mid-Atlantic

Reaching Policymakers: Can a Few Social Media Comments Really Trump Thousands of Emails?

Recent Polling by Yale/AP-NORC Center Finds Just 31% of Americans Support Keystone Pipeline

Details of New York State Study Demonstrate Why Fracking's Too Risky to Be Allowed

Five Energy Stories Worth Reading Today (12/29/14)

Scaling Green's Ten Top Cleantech Stories of 2014

$2.3 Million Fine to ExxonMobil Subsidiary Amounts to Just Over 1/2 Hour of Company's Third Quarter Earnings

New Research: The Best Things in Life Are Also the Most Energy Efficient?

Video: President Obama Succinctly Explains Why Keystone XL Makes No Sense

New Poll Finds Overwhelming Support Nationally for EPA Clean Power Plan

"Cromnibus" Budget Continues to Dole Out Taxpayer-Funded Corporate Welfare to the Fossil Fuel Industry

Sec. of State John Kerry: "Make a transition towards clean energy the only policy that you’ll accept"

Sen. Chuck Grassley: Wind Energy Opponents Ignore "many tax credits" Fossil Fuels Receive

New Fact Sheet Illustrates Southeastern U.S.' Enormous Wind Power Potential

Climate Nexus Demolishes "WSJ's $21 Billion Subsidy Hypocrisy"

As Climate Negotiations Kick Off in Peru, Polls Show Americans Want to Limit Greenhouse Gases

Even if Keystone Trade Talk Weren't "Empty Nonsense," Oil Industry Doesn't Need More Corporate Welfare

New Report Has Energy Policy Recommendations the States Should Enact Right Away

"Seeking Alpha": Oil Price Plunge Should Have Tar Sands, Shale Oil Investors "Very Very Nervous"

NY Times Covers Legal Battle Over Demand Response

National Journal Article Explains Why Koch Brothers' War on Clean Energy is Failing in the States

Three Graphs from New GMU/Yale Survey Show Overwhelming Support for Climate Action, Clean Energy

Study Shows Clean Energy Creates Lots of Jobs; Fossil Fuel Industry Allies Hide It

Historic Climate Deal Highlights Extent to Which China is Rapidly Scaling Green Energy

Five Energy Stories Worth Reading Today (11/11/14)

Scientists to Gov. McAuliffe: EPA's Clean Power Plan a Great Opportunity for Virginia

President of Virginia Advanced Energy Industries Coalition Demolishes SCC's "Shoddy" Report on EPA's Clean Power Plan

Post Carbon Institute: U.S. Oil, Gas Fracking Boom "unsustainable;" EIA Forecasts "extremely optimistic"

A Few Lessons From Rick Berman's "Win Ugly or Lose Pretty" Speech for the Cleantech Industry

U.S. Politicians Left Holding TransCanada's Bag on Keystone

Message to Washington's "Very Serious People" Regarding Tom Steyer's Climate, Clean Energy Efforts

Five Energy Stories Worth Reading Today (10/22/14)

Is Your State Benefiting From, or Missing Out on, the U.S. Solar Power Boom?

Is ExxonMobil Starting to Take the Fossil Fuel Divestment Movement Seriously?

PR Campaign to Make Fracking a "Good Word" Again Confronts Fracking's Ugly Reality

Fracking Cover-up in NY State: If It Can Happen There, It Can Happen Anywhere

Five Energy Stories Worth Reading Today (10/7/14)

Report: Organic, recyclable batteries could be better for environment, cheaper

Investment in Clean Energy Rising; Coal and Tar Sands Economics Increasingly Dubious

Three Graphics from Lazard Study Show How Competitive Clean Energy's Gotten

New Study Lays Out Clear, Achievable Path to a Clean Energy Economy

"Better Growth, Better Climate" Report Says "Next 15 Years Are Crucial" for Switch to Clean Energy

My Ironic First Experience at Inbound 2014: Hilton's Clunky "Honors" Program Sign-Up

New, Bipartisan Study "Highlights 12 State Policies to Advance Clean Energy and Help Meet Pending EPA Rules"

CEO of America's Largest Coal Company Appears to Have No Concept of "Reality" or "Truth"

Will AEP President Nicholas K. Akins Eat Some "Safe Enough to Eat" Coal Ash on Camera for Us?

SEIA Report: U.S. Solar PV Installation Growing Fast, Becoming "Mainstream" Power Source

NRG's David Crane "ready for a new energy landscape that is vastly different"

Video: Speakers Demand that Dominion Virginia Power Quit ALEC Immediately

Why Companies Should Mobilize the Renewable Energy Supply Chain

Five Energy Stories Worth Reading Today (9/2/14)

Seven Reasons to Walk Away From Keystone XL

BNEF Does "Thought Experiment" on Fossil Fuel Divestment Achieving "Trillion-Dollar Scale"

Five Energy Stories Worth Reading Today (8/26/14)

11 Years and $1 Billion in Taxpayer Money Later -- No "Zero-Emissions Coal Plant"

China "smart in the way it has incented private industry to build out solar power capacity"

MIT Study Finds Health Benefits of CO2 Reductions Can Save 10x the Cost of Policy Implementation

Map Shows How States Are Progressing Towards Meeting EPA's 1.5%-Per-Year Energy Efficiency Goal

New Report Details "Koch Industries' Layoffs and Environmental Harm" Across U.S.

DOE Loan Program Success Story Tesla Courted by Politicians Who Bashed DOE Loan Program

Daydreaming, Vacationing and Catnapping to Cleantech Breakthroughs?

Bill Torre of the UCSD Center for Energy Research on Microgrid Developments, Obstacles and the “Solar Happy Hour”

Brattle Group Study: Germany's Goal of "De-Fossilizing" Power Sector Has Been "Remarkably Successful"

Video: Bush Administration EPA Chief On Fox News - “I would have done a regulation on carbon, absolutely"

New Report Finds Yet Another Egregious Example of Taxpayer-Funded Corporate Welfare to the Dirty Fossil Fuel Industry

New Survey Finds that U.S. Voters "Will Support Pro-Climate Candidates With Pledges, Time, and Money"

InsideClimate News: Koch Brothers Built Their Fortune on Super-Dirty Tar Sands Oil

In a Time of Severe Drought, It Shouldn't Come Down to "One Man" to Protect Our Water from Fracking Waste

New Report: U.S. Ranks 13th out of 16 Largest Economies in Energy Efficiency

Nevada Solar Net Metering Will Save the Grid $36 Million, Says State Report

Webinar Highlights The Effects of 111(d) and Order 745 on DR & Smart Grid

As U.S. Leaps Ahead on Clean Energy, OH Gov. John Kasich Yanks His State Backwards

Video: Exxon Hates America

Yale Climate Change Project Survey: Voters 3 Times More Likely to Oppose Candidate Who Opposes Climate Action

Five Energy Stories Worth Reading Today (6/26/14)

Johnson Controls Forum: Energy Efficiency a Key Building Block for EPA Carbon Rule Compliance

Solar Energy Marketing Expert David Briggs: Solar's Key Challenge Now is to "truly out-compete traditional energy"

Changing the Model for Building Solar and Wind Farms

Recent Conference Points to Potential Reliability, Renewable Energy Benefits of Microgrids

Yet Another Way in Which Dirty, Toxic Coal Threatens People's Health

"Frack Master" and Other Recent Articles Highlight Gap Between Fracking Fact and Propaganda

AWEA, SEIA Leaders: Wind, Solar "two affordable, reliable, and business-friendly solutions" to Meet EPA Rules

Koch Brothers Launching New "Seven Figures" Effort to Promote Dirty Energy; Trash Clean Energy and the Environment

How Little Will It Cost for States to Switch to Clean Energy?

US Department of Energy Investing $10 Million for Grid Reliability Projects

Yet Another Poll Shows Overwhelming Support for Action on Global Warming

Even the Pro-Fossil-Fuel Washington Post Editorial Page Calls for Tighter Controls on Fracking

New Study: Revenue-Neutral Carbon Tax "creates jobs, grows the economy, saves lives, and makes Americans richer"

McCarthy Group Study: "Millennials trust their friends, not advertising"

Opower: EPA Carbon Goals "Achievable," "Huge Opportunity for Utilities"

New Republic Previews the Upcoming EPA Coal Plant Rules: A "B.F.D." in a Good Way

"Green energy just might be the country’s new political tough guy."

EIA Downgrades Monterey Shale Estimate by 96%; Great News for Clean Energy

Five Energy Stories Worth Reading Today (5/21/14)

Paul De Martini on the State of the U.S. Smart Grid Market

GTM: "Long Tail" Shrinking for Residential Solar Installers as Overall Market Grows

Video: "Crickets" from the Koch Brothers on Tom Steyer's Debate Challenge

New Study: Switching from Fossil Fuels to Clean Energy Would Result in $71 TRILLION in Net Savings

New Report: Fossil-Fuel'ed Climate Change "a severe risk to national security"

OH Legislature Does Fracking Lobby's Bidding on Radioactive Waste

The Guardian: "US failed to inspect thousands of at-risk oil and gas wells"

Video: White House Solar Panels Evidence the Clean Energy Revolution Happening Right Now

Five Energy Stories Worth Reading Today (5/12/14)

Instead of Wasting $1.1 Trillion on Dirty Oil Exploration, How About Investing It in Clean Energy?

U.S. Coal Too "Dirty and Unwanted" in America, Looks for Home in Europe

Dean of Duke's Nicholas School of the Environment: Fossil Fuel Political Contributions 30x That of Clean Energy

Navigant Energy: Solar and Wind Should Be Competitive with Natural Gas "in the near future"

Five Energy Stories Worth Reading Today (5/7/14)

U.S. Fossil Fuel Spills, Messes, Accidents, Disasters: We're Keeping Track

Let's Hope $3 Million Award for Fracking Damages Marks the Start of a Trend

ACORE Panel Emphasizes Resiliency, Bipartisan Popularity of Clean Energy in States Across America

New Poll: Brits Overwhelmingly Prefer Onshore Wind Farms to Fracking

Marketing Cleantech In an "Eye Byte Culture" World

Anadarko Subsidiary Left Massive "Toxic Legacy" Across America

Tesla Files in NJ Superior Court Over State Ban on Electric Vehicle Direct Sales

Wind Power Monthly: "Wind 'competitive with gas' in US"

Fracking Companies Force Landowners to Accept Oil and Gas Drilling on Their Land

Video: The Daily Show on the "Benefits of Fracking"

So, Utility Execs: "Do you want to be the disruptor or do you want to get disrupted?"

British Columbia Provides Yet More Evidence that Revenue-Neutral Carbon Taxes Work

Will TransCanada's Cloddishness Kill Keystone?

Video: "Super energy-efficient German village makes money from surplus power"

Video: Willie Nelson Music Video Depicts Devastation of Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining

Fossil-Fueled Climate Consequences "immediate and very human"; Clean Energy the Answer

Video: SEIA Webinar Provides Key Tips on Content Marketing for Solar Companies

"Smiley Faces" for Energy Conservation, "Frowny Faces" for Water Conservation?

Camera Strapped to Tree Captures Year's Worth of "Dangerous" Coal Ash Wastewater Dumping into Ohio River

Elon Musk: If You Believe NJ Banning Tesla Sales Was About "consumer protection," Gov. Christie "has a bridge closure he wants to sell you!"

Video: Dr. James Hansen Explains Why He Opposes Keystone XL

Fossil Fuel Flacks Try - and Fail - to Link Alex Sink's Defeat to Climate Change

Katie Fehrenbacher: Silicon Valley Cleantech Becoming "Leaner," "Savvier," "More Sober"

Turning Sunshine Into Fresh Water Sounds Like a Good Idea to Us

Recent Keystone XL Polling Finds 5 Major Falsehoods Pushed by Oil Industry

CNBC Article Highlights Why Utilities' "Own and Control" Mentality Needs to Change

ProPublica Highlights "The Latest in Fracking Health Studies"

Can Tar Sands by Rail Substitute for Keystone XL? Myth vs. Fact.

Is There "One Good Reason Obama Should Approve Keystone XL?"

For Wind Power, a "Big Empty Space Down South"

Alpha Natural Resources Slapped with $27.5 Million Fine

Joseph Desmond of BrightSource Energy: Ivanpah a Model for Future CSP Projects

Canada's National Energy Board Audit: TransCanada Didn't Comply with Hazard ID, Risk Assessment, etc.

Swords Into Plowshares? How About Coal Plants Into Solar Farms?

Helpful Tips from Pulse Energy CEO David Helliwell About "Cutting Through the Noise in Cleantech"

Sen. Tim Kaine: Keystone XL promotes "dirty energy...when our national interest lies with clean energy"

New Poll: Overwhelming Majority of Voters Want Congress to Know Where Keystone XL Oil Will End Up

Ivanpah Solar Thermal Project Both "Inspirational and Aspirational" for CSP Worldwide

Yet MORE Evidence that Fossil Fuels Are Not "Cheap"

"Legendary hedge fund investor" Jeremy Grantham: No Doubt Solar, Wind Will "Completely Replace" Fossil Fuels

Goldman Sachs: Renewable Energy "at a transformational moment in time.”

Clean Edge's Senior Analyst James Belcher: "Nest acquisition is a milestone for behavioral change and energy use"

Coal Ash Spill in Dan River Demonstrates: "Clean Coal is a Dirty Lie"

Canadian government secretly funded pro-Keystone XL report?

Another Day, Another Fossil-Fuel Related Mess

BREAKING: Steyer asks Sec. State Kerry to review work and conduct of staff involved in Keystone EIS

Video: Fracking the GW National Forest Could Seriously Jeopardize Water Supplies in DC Metro Area, Richmond

Video: Residents of Mayflower, Arkansas on Tar Sands; Why Keystone XL Is Not Acceptable

Video: Sister Maureen Fiedler on Bringing the Bluegrass Gas Pipeline to "something of a standstill"

Could "the Midwest would be out of propane by early March?"

As TransCanada Gets More Desperate, Is It Attacking Rail to Promote Keystone XL?

"The Climate Change PR Disaster," and What to Do About It

WV Chemical Spill Wasn't an Aberration; It Was Business as Usual for Dirty Coal

Koch Pipeline Co. Calls Off Plans for Crude Pipeline from Bakken

An Open Letter to State Department Officials Responsible for a Keystone XL Decision

The Most Impressive Comeback Story You Haven’t Heard (Guest Post)

Neil Young: "Canada is trading integrity for money" in tar sands development

"Risky Business" Co-Chairs Announce Members of U.S. Climate Risk Committee

WV Chemical Spill Highlights Risk of Fossil Fuels to Drinking Water Supplies

Why Did 60 Minutes Focus on Cleantech, When There's Rampant Waste, Fraud and Abuse with "Clean Coal" Program?

Disney Continues Its Long Tradition of Marketing Fossil Fuels to Kids

"60 Minutes" About to Air Its Second Debacle in Under Two Months?

Report: ExxonMobil Subsidiary to Face Criminal Charge Over Fracking Waste Disposal

Five Energy Stories Worth Reading Today (1/2/14)

New Study: Fossil Fuel Funding of Climate Science Denial Goes "Dark"

EIA Renewable Energy Forecast Isn't Just Wrong, It's Wildly, Laughably Too Low

The "Don't Pick Winners and Losers" Crowd Loves Picking "Winners and Losers" Itself

Yet Another Reason Clean Energy Will Dominate the Future: Water Scarcity

Toxic Coal Ash and Fracking Wastewater Used to De-Ice Roads

New Study Finds Oil Pipelines Adversely Affect Property Values

Raw Story: "The 10 most toxic ingredients used by fossil fuel industries"

AWEA Statement on Fish & Wildlife Eagle Take Permit

Five Energy Stories Worth Reading Today (12/2/13)

Video: This Thanksgiving, Don't Stomach Keystone Crude

The Biggest Clean Energy Policy Development You Haven't Heard Of?

New Study Finds "Americans don't know much about fracking"

Top Expert on Energy Subsidies Demolishes Bjorn Lomborg's Disinformation

"Green Billionaire" Tom Steyer Highlighted in Spate of National Stories

Solar Industry Magazine: Many Venture Capitalists Looking at Clean Energy, Particularly Solar

ExxonMobil Fined Less Than 1 Hour of Profits for Mayflower Heavy Oil Spill

CleantechOC’s Greg Trimarche: The Coming Cleantech Boom in Orange County and Beyond

Lisa Varga of Phoenix Energy Technologies on the Importance of Collaborating with Your Customers

Incredible Newsweek Story Highlights Outrageous Dirty Energy Welfare, Taxpayer Ripoff

NY Times Article Asks Whether Oil Drilling and Wheat Farming Can Coexist

AWEA Debunks Popular, Fossil-Fuel-Funded Myth About Wind Turbines

Greentech Media: "The flood of financing continues" to residential solar

Tigercomm Offering 3 Marketing Communications Sessions at Solar Power International 2013

Wall Street Journal: "Mississippi Plant Shows the Cost of 'Clean Coal'"

Update #2 from Inaugural International Conference on Climate Change Communication in Beijing

Update from Inaugural International Conference on Climate Change Communication in Beijing

If We Want to Avoid the "Last Hours," We Need to Switch to Clean Energy ASAP

Five Energy Stories Worth Reading Today (10/11/13)

Catherine Jhung of Cleantech Group on Being the Match.com of Cleantech

Five Energy Stories Worth Reading Today (10/9/13)

Video: Former Bush EPA Director Stephen Johnson on the "upcoming, beneficial explosion of cleantech"

Two...Make that THREE...Encouraging Stories on Electric Vehicles

Five Energy Stories Worth Reading Today (10/2/13)

Bloomberg New Energy Finance on "Green Shoots of Institutional Investment in Clean Energy"

FERC Nomination Withdrawal Yet Another Example of Fossil Fuel's Power Over Government

Kate Sheppard: "Fracking Chemicals May Be Unknown, Even To Gas Drillers"

Jack Abramoff: Business Leaders Who Think Policy Doesn’t Matter Are “Living in a Dream World”

WSJ Article on Solar Subsidies Another Case of Fossil Fuel Front Groups' Propaganda Paying Off

Wall Street Journal: Future of Coal in the U.S. Not Looking Good

Video: Tom Steyer Explains that Keystone XL Would Create Just 35 Permanent Jobs

Google Purchase of 240 MW of Wind Power a Sign of a LOT More to Come

Yale Project on Climate Change Communications: "Ohioans Support Switching to Clean Energy Sources"

InsideClimate News: Americans Face "invading army" of frackers on their land

4 Quick Tips for Energy Management Marketers

GTM/SEIA Release U.S. Solar Market Insight for 2nd Quarter 2013

Heritage Foundation: It's Bad if the Government "Intervenes," Unless It's Taxpayer-Funded Welfare to Their Funders

Five Energy Stories Worth Reading Today (9/10/13)

Video: Keystone XL Truth

George Lakoff’s Advice for Cleantech Marketing: Use the “F Word”

BlueGreen Alliance Offers "Platform on Industrial Energy Efficiency"

Coal Industry Forces Out Key Ohio Environmental Protection Agency Official

Video: Tom Steyer Discusses Anti-Keystone Tar Sands Pipeline Campaign with CBC

Former TransCanada Pipeline Employee: Keystone XL will likely leak

Fracked Oil but No Water? Does This Sound Like a Good Idea to You?

NY Times Touts "A Clean-Car Boom"

BP CEO "perplexed" at "why do people hate oil companies?”

Inert Gas (and oil and coal) - Darren Goode on the Power of Policy Inertia and How it Works in Favor of Fossil Fuels

Cornell Professor: Natural Gas Fracking a "Gangplank to more warming and away from clean energy investments"

Pew Video: Turn Heat Into Power With Industrial Efficiency

Darren Goode: How Social Media Affects The Way He Works

Groundbreaking New Report Quantifies Massive Benefits of MLPs to the Fossil Fuels Industry

New Report Finds 0.09% Enforcement Rate for Oil Sands Infractions

The Latest from the Not-So-Wonderful World of Fossil Fuels

"This is a good time to be in the business of selling electric vehicles."

Arizona Public Service Co. Positions Rooftop Solar Customers as Moochers

Energy Fact Check Demolishes Fossil Fuel Attack on "renewable energy subsidies"

DC Superior Court: "Sufficient evidence...indicative of 'actual malice'" against climate scientist Michael Mann

Want Politico to Cover Your Energy Bill? Check Out Darren Goode's Call on the Odds it Passes

Going to InterSolar? Here are 10 Tips to Maximize Trade Show ROI

Going to InterSolar? Here are 10 Tips to Maximize Trade Show ROI

National Academy of Sciences Tar Sands Report Largely Misses the Point

Must Read: "Big Oil's Big Lies About Alternative Energy"

Richard Caperton on How Clean Energy Can Out-Communicate the Fossil Fuel Industries on MLPs

Video: Environmental Activist, Tim DeChristopher, on David Letterman

Video: Across America 2013: Best of from San Francisco to Washington D.C.

"Green Billionaire" Ramps Up Political Efforts Against Keystone XL, for Action on Climate and Clean Energy

Technology Forum in Virginia Misses the Biggest Story: Cleantech Boom

Energy Secretary Moniz Speaks at Solar Impulse Press Conference

Video: Alex Laskey of Opower on the Power of Peer Pressure in Energy Conservation

Richard Caperton: Leveling the Playing Field Between Dirty and Clean Energy

Guiding us through the alphabet soup of stuff that matters to clean energy: Richard Caperton talks MLPs vs. the PTC and the ITC

Video Mocks Canadian Prime Minister Harper's Tar Sands Greenwashing Campaign

What Does Texas Have Against the Free Market for Automobiles?

Video: Bob Lutz on the Future of Electric Cars

Sen. Alexander's "Four Grand Principles" Don't Appear to Add Up

My Search for the Incredible Disappearing Fuel Cell: Part 2

Richard Caperton: Master Limited Partnerships Could Have "Huge Impact" on Clean Energy in US

New Study: The More Americans Know About Fracking, the More Polarized Their Views Get

Politico: Frustration Grows as Time Ticks Away for Climate Action

Video: Solar-Powered Plane Lands at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

Video: "Frackalypse Now"

Black Mountain of Tar Sands Waste Proves Yet Again, It's "the dirtiest oil on earth."

Yet Another Example of Taxpayer-Funded Corporate Welfare, This Time on GM Crops

New Report: Local Chambers of Commerce Promote Clean Energy

Sioux City Journal: "Wind energy: Good for Iowa, good for America"

Solar Power Price Decline Both Good and Bad

My Search for the Incredible Disappearing Fuel Cell

Video: Danny Kennedy Gives TEDx Talk on "How Profit Will Save the Planet"

Fracked Gas: "What a glorious vision of the future: It's cold, it's dark and we're all hungry"

Tornadoes and Massive, Exposed Coal Ash Heaps Don't Mix

Union of Concerned Scientists: Renewable Energy Standards Working Effectively Across Country

Iowa's Republican Governor: Clean Energy is Under Attack by Fossil Fuel Interests

Video: No, Wind Turbines Don't Make You Sick. In Fact, You Can Barely Hear Them At All.

Judith Schwartz Discusses Her Vision for the Smart Grid

Video: Solar-Powered Plane Takes Off for Journey Across America

Shocker: Fossil Fuel Front Group Favors Transparency for Government, Not for Fossil Fuel Industry

Light Bulbs and Clean Energy Should Not Be Part of "Culture Wars," Yet They Apparently Are

NY Times: "Hydrofracking Could Strain Water Resources in West"

Two WY Commissioners Vote to Slow Mad Rush to Frack

THIS is What Suncor Touts as a "Big Environmental Payoff?"

Judith Schwartz: Energy Literacy Essential to Maximizing Smart Grid Adoption, Benefits

How About the Fossil Fuel Companies Reimburse Taxpayers for Climate-Change-Related Disaster Spending?

Geothermal Energy Association Study Finds Large "Externality" Benefits to Geothermal Power

Cancer-Causing Chemical Found in Lake Conway; ExxonMobil Claims It's Not Really There

"Degradable Plastic Bag" Manufacturer Makes False Claims About Product

Judith Schwartz: Smart Grid Offers Tremendous Benefits to Businesses and the General Public

Sign the "Stop the Koch Brothers" Petition, Support Fair Reporting

New Report by Harvard Finds "Legal Fractures in Chemical Disclosure Laws"

Plains & Energy Transmission Line Would Help U.S. Tap Into "Saudi Arabia of Wind"

EPA: State Dept. Keystone XL Analysis "Insufficient" on Greenhouse Gases, Alternative Pipeline and Rail Routes, Pipeline Safety

Tribune Company Owners Should Reject Koch Brothers' Offer, No Matter How High They Bid

Illinois Wind Industry Awaits Outcome of State Energy Policy Dispute Resolution

Major Investigative Report Reveals: "What BP Doesn’t Want You to Know About the 2010 Gulf Spill"

Analysis: Media Coverage of Keystone XL Has Been Wildly Biased in Favor of the Pipeline

WSJ: China Now Leading Destination for Clean Energy Investment; US Falling Behind

IEA: Governments Need to Act More Aggressively to Unleash Clean Energy Potential

Fox Fails Again on Renewable Energy, This Time Erroneously Cherry Picking GAO Report

Members with Ties to Monsanto Stay on GMO Panel; Dietician with Concerns Booted Off

Edison Electric Institute Study: Distributed Renewable Energy Poses Mortal Threat to U.S. Utilities' Business Model

What's the Matter With Kansas When It Comes to Clean Energy?

Experts on Fossil Fuel Subsidies Agree: We Need to Eliminate Them As Rapidly as Possible

CA Public Utilities Commission President Rebuts "Absurd" Wall Street Journal Editorial

The Fossil Fuel Industry's Pattern of Anti-democratic Skullduggery

Margaret Thatcher's Call for Action on Climate Change, Transition to Clean Energy

Vestas Senior VP: Wind Industry Must "step up our game" Against Absurd, Anti-Wind Claims

Yet Another Advantage for Solar Power: It Doesn't Require a "No-Fly Zone"

Video: Aerial Footage of the Arkansas Tar Sands Oil Spill

Greentech Media Webinar Highlights "The Networked Grid 150" Report

And the Taxpayer-Funded Fossil Fuel Welfare Train Chugs Along...

Yale/GMU Survey of Republicans Shows Strong Support for Expanding Clean Energy

NY Times: "Rumors of a Cheap-Energy Jobs Boom Remain Just That"

China's Economy, Health Being Severely Harmed by Fossil Fuels

Washington Post: "Every country in the world would benefit from the honest pricing of energy"

Video: IMF First Deputy Managing Director on "Energy Subsidy Reform - Lessons and Implications"

Research Suggests Marketing Clean Energy in the US Should Emphasize Individual Liberty

Flowchart: Do You Support Clean Energy?

New Guide Highlights "Compelling Reasons" to Develop Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)

Suntech Defaults on $541 Million Bond Payment

New Study: Could Online Incivility Be Hurting Clean Energy?

Guardian: New Study Finds that Anti-Wind-Power Lobby's Lies Make People Sick

I3 Detects Possible Bump in Early-Stage Cleantech Investments

Why Would Governments Favor Expensive Nuclear Power Over Competitive Clean Energy?

Oil Industry Spends Taxpayer Money to Convince Lawmakers to Keep Up the Flow of Taxpayer Money

Did State Department Approach Its Keystone Analysis Completely Backwards?

Clean Edge: "Global Clean Energy Market Values Set To Nearly Double From 2012 To 2022"

If You Missed the Solar Market Insight 2012 "Google Hangout," Here's a Quick Recap

More Signs of a Bright Outlook for Solar Power

Grover Norquist Once Again Does Bidding of Koch-backed Clients

Wind Power Boom Benefits Consumers, Undercuts Coal and Nuclear

Federal Austerity Push Preventing Crucial Energy Efficiency Push?

Fracking Sucks Up Huge Volumes of Scarce Water: “We just can’t sustain it"

I'm Typing This as I Multitask on Three Other Thinks...Er, Things

It's Time for the Media to Crank UP Its Energy and Climate Coverage, Not Cut It Back

"Smiley Faces" Take On the Problem of Energy Efficiency Not Being "Sexy" Enough

Video: At TED2013, Former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm Proposes Clean Energy Jobs "Race to the Top"

“Why is it important to pass policies that support Renewable Energy Technologies?"

Should the Oil and Gas Industry Be Allowed to Intentionally Contaminate Drinking Water Supplies? We Don't Think So.

Yet Another Poll Confirms: Americans Want a Clean Energy Future

The Guardian: "Dirty fossil fuel exports will come back to bite Australia"

January 2013 Power Additions in the U.S. Were 100% Renewable Energy

Could Improved Building Energy Efficiency Help NY City Slash Emissions 90% at Low Cost?

CNN Producer Provides Evidence that Anti-Clean-Energy Fox News Adversely Influences Rest of Media World

Video: Billionaire Investor Tom Steyer Says We Need a "cleaner, safer, cheaper energy future"

Photos from Today's Pro-Clean Energy, Anti-Keystone Tar Sands Pipeline Rally in Washington, DC

The Guardian: Fossil Fuel Interests Have Spent $120 Million to Attack Clean Energy, Climate Science

Video: At ACORE Conference, Ethan Zindler and Nancy Pfund Lay Out the Facts About Clean Energy

Video: ACORE President Dennis McGinn Says Opposition to Clean Energy by Fossil Fuel Companies is a "sign of our strength"

Message to David Brooks: Keystone Pipeline Sacrifices the Future AND the Present

Video: At ACORE Forum, Ken Salazar Says U.S. Must Move Ahead Aggressively on Clean Energy

Report: "High-speed rail modernization is good for manufacturing jobs, good for economic growth and good for the environment"

BP Chief Economist's Explanation of "North America's oil and gas renaissance" Should Win Chutzpah Award

Is the "Saudi America" Meme Yet Another Piece of Fossil Fuel-Funded Propaganda?

Fox News Yet Again Misreports, Distorts on Clean Energy

New Research: Cleantechers Have to Win the Race to Define, Not Just “Respond”

20,000 Gallons of "Fracking" Waste Dumped into River in Ohio; Demonstrates Need for Tight Regulation of Industry

Highlights from ACORE's National Renewable Energy Policy Forum

Macho Springs Solar Project Highlights Why the Fossil Fuel Industry's Worried About Clean Energy

Liebreich: "The smoke is clearing from the energy sector’s equivalent of the Battle of Borodino"

Pennsylvania Being "Transparent" Enough on Water Contamination from Oil and Gas Operations?

Wind Power Replaces Proposed Petroleum Coke Plant in Texas; We Celebrate, The Daily Caller Complains

Thirsty Mexico City Sends a Message: "America is poisoning wells it might need in the future"

Oil Spill on Mississippi Yet Another Example of Why We Need to Switch from Dirty to Clean Energy

Solar Energy Will Make a Splash in Real Estate

MediaMatters "Myths and Facts About Solar Energy" Dispels Main Falsehoods About Solar

Newspapers Slash Environmental Coverage Just as It's Most Needed

Fossil Fuel Interests, Including the Koch Brothers, Funnel Millions Into Attacking Climate Science, Clean Energy

Marketing Experts: Important tips on avoiding "green marketing myopia"

Bjorn Lomborg: Climate Denier AND Cleantech Denier

New Study: Energy Efficiency Negative "Rebound Effect" Greatly Exaggerated

Video: LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa Presents "When Cities Lead: The LA Experience"

Video: Energy Secretary Steven Chu Speaks at Energy All-Stars Event, Notes that Cost of Wind and Solar Plummeting

Video: Former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm Proposes "Race to the Top"-Style Program for Clean Energy

Video: Bill Nye "The Science Guy" Tells "Energy All-Stars" Event "We Can Change the World" with Clean Energy

Video: "Clean energy pioneer" Michael Liebreich Gives Excellent, TED-Style Talk at "Energy All-Stars" Event

"Smoking gun scientific report" on Fracking Censored Following Oil and Gas Industry Pressure

IRENA Launches New Global Atlas for Solar & Wind

Liebreich: "Rumors of the death of clean energy investment have been greatly exaggerated"

Least Surprising News of the Day: Oil Sands "Tied to Higher Carcinogen Level"

How Green Can We Get? Our Journey Starts With a Broken Motor.

Renewable Energy’s Growth…In the Media

Cutting Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy Programs the Last Thing We Should be Doing

Oil and Gas Industry Lobbyists: Comments from Real People "abusive and harassing"

Pro-Fossil-Fuel Front Groups Attempt - and Fail - to Answer Our Questions on the Wind PTC

House Puts Fossil-Fuel-Funded Member in Charge of New Energy "Oversight" Subcommittee

Shell Does its Keystone Cops Imitation in the Arctic

University of Delaware Study: 90% Renewables Would Cut Electricity Costs in Half by 2030

A Moment to Reflect on Sandy Hook Elementary School

New Study: Coal's Net Cost to Virginia's Budget in FY 2009 Was $22 Million

Why is the EPA Allowing Fossil Fuel Companies Pollute Precious Aquifers?

Corporate Welfare Alive and Well on U.S. Public Lands ("literally giving our gold and silver away")

New Report: Funding of Fossil Fuel-Sponsored Groups, Spokespeople Rarely Revealed by Media

New Report Highlights Unsustainable Nature of Water-Intensive Fossil Fuel Production

New Report Shows Continued Rapid Growth for U.S. Solar; Largest Quarterly Residential Growth Ever

Alex Steffen on "The brutal realities of energy politics" - and how to overcome them

Is The Story About Tim DeChristopher an Onion Parody or For Real?

Bidding to Open on 278,000 Acres of Offshore Wind Power in U.S. as Other Countries Race Ahead

Bill McKibben Jumpstarts a Movement to Divest from Fossil Fuels. We Strongly Support Him.

New LBL "Tracking the Sun" Report: Installed Solar Prices Continue to Fall; Soft Costs the Challenge

Video: Anthony Smith of Secure Futures on How to Kick-start Clean Energy Development in Virginia

Video: Ned Hall of AES Talks with Tim Kaine About the "Proven Technologies" of Solar and Wind

Video: Ray Henger of OwnEnergy Says PTC Disruption "disproportionately difficult" to "small and new entrants to this industry"

Video: Alec Hoppes of AREVA Solar on the Need for Pro-Clean-Energy Federal Policy, STEM Education

Former Virginia Governor Tim Kaine at Tigercomm Clean Energy Forum on Combating Anti-Clean-Energy “Theology”

McKibben-Epstein Debate Highlights the Fossil Fuel Industry's Desperation and Lack of Ethics

A "victory for real science over junk science peddled by the gas industry"

Video: Ken Locklin of Impax Asset Management on "Clean Energy Victory Bonds"

Video: Mike Healy of Skyline Innovations on Monetizing Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in Buildings

BP to Pay Over $4 Billion in Settlement for 2010 Gulf of Mexico Oil Disaster

New Study: Distributed Power Generation Could Help Safeguard Against Terrorist Attacks on Grid

Video: Tony Clifford of Standard Solar Says "solar is a broadly supported industry...not just a sound bite."

Video: "Clean Break" Author Osha Gray Davidson Speaks About Germany's Energy Transformation

California Energy Efficiency Initiative "first to rely solely on private third-party financing"

Desperate Fossil Fuel Industry Resorts to Counterfeit Climate Change "Addendum"

Video: Markian Melnyk Speaks to Clean Economy Roundtable on Atlantic Wind Power Potential

While Congress Fails to Act, States Make Progress on Clean Energy

David Roberts: Exports to China May Not Save U.S. Coal Industry After All

Harris Poll Shows Americans Strongly Favorable Towards Wind, Solar; Skeptical of "Fracking" and "Clean Coal"

Growing the Options: Showing the Clean Economy is Good Politics and Policies

Conservation Services Group CEO Demolishes David Brooks' Clean Energy Nonsense

Everyone Needs to Read Michael Grunwald's "(Almost) Everyone Loves Solar"

New Report Finds Great Lakes at Risk of "Major Oil Spill"

How Much Can We Save by Recycling? A Great Deal, According to Earth911.

Supposedly Safe Keystone Oil Pipeline Shut Down Due to...Safety Issues

Politico: Are Massive Big Oil Subsidies Finally On the Table?

Video: Fired TransCanada Engineer, Whistleblower on Widespread Company Safety Violations

Video: SunRun President Lynn Jurich on Raising $1.3 Billion for Rooftop Solar

NY Times Op-Ed: Attacking solar like "sabotaging armaments factories during a mobilization for war"

CleanTechnica Debunks Erroneous Fox News Wind Claims

Anti-Clean-Energy Koch Brothers Take Their Comic Villainy to a New Level of Craziness

BP Gulf of Mexico Oil Disaster Goes On and On...

Stephen Lacey of Climate Progress: The "'repeal all subsidies' argument is a political distraction from the real issue"

New GAO Study: Long-Term Health, Environmental Risks of Fracking are Unknown

New Study: Wind Power Installations Lead to Sharp Income, Jobs Increases in Great Plains, Rockies

Arkansas Property Owners Sue Frackers for Improperly Pumping Waste Fluids Under Their Land

Michael Klare: There's Just One Possible Energy "Golden Age," and It's Not Based on Fossil Fuels

TransCanada Claims to Be "Good Neighbors" but Has Great Grandma Thrown in Jail

New Poll: U.S. Voters Overwhelmingly Support Solar, Wind Power Expansion

Stephen Lacey: Without Government Help, the Shale Gas Boom Would Not Have Happened

New Survey Finds Broad Support for Clean Energy Among Likely Voters

Why Does Southwest Airlines Junk Its Brand? [UPDATED]

SPI 2012: Three Takeaways and Where the Solar Industry Goes from Here

NY Times: Production Tax Credit Uncertainty Already Hurting Wind Industry

U.K. Parliament Report Calls for Moratorium on Arctic Oil, Gas Drilling

New Report Highlights Massive, Adverse Water Consequences of Fossil Fuels

InsideClimate News: "Remote sensors detected only 5 percent of the nation's pipeline spills"

With Renewables Booming, Time for "Storage Portfolio Standards?"

The Incredible, Shrinking Aubrey McClendon

Sophisticated New Study Shows Wind Could Supply Half World's Power (or more) by 2030

New U.S. Solar Power Report: Prices Falling, Installations Doubled in 2Q12 over 2Q11

Bloomberg New Energy Finance: Awareness of Favorable Solar Economics "Lags" Among Policy Makers, Others

Bloomberg New Energy Finance: World is irreversibly on the way to a "fully mature and competitive clean energy sector"

Creator of “Texts from Hillary” Explains the Anatomy of Buzz

Video: Doug Koplow of Earth Track on U.S. Fossil Fuel Subsidies

Stacy Lambe: Is Media Heading Towards the BuzzFeed Model?

Cleantech Group: "2012 investment in water and wastewater will double over 2011"

IEA Executive Director: "A clean energy transition is still possible."

The Matt Wald Decoder Ring – Scaling Green Version

New Energy Department Report Highlights Growth in U.S. Wind Power Capacity, Manufacturing, Jobs

Sunday NY Times Magazine Explains "The Secret to Solar Power"

Bill Clinton: "We ought to have, those of us in this green energy field...a tattoo test"

Time Magazine Highlights the "Clean Energy Revolution"

Is energy efficiency condemned to be the “eat your peas” technology?

Video: ARPA-E Official Describes Work on Car Battery Which Would Make Internal Combustion Engine Obsolete

Video: Sen. Reid - "It is easy to see the logic, the urgency and the opportunity of a clean energy revolution"

Infographic Clearly Shows How Little Government Support Clean Energy's Received Compared to Fossil Fuels

Video: First Wind Farm in Nevada Announced

New Report on Inadequate Fracking Enforcement in NY Should be Wakeup Call Across the Country

New Survey Finds Overwhelming Support for Clean Energy Among Latino Voters

New "Clean Energy Under Siege" Report Details Dirty Energy Misinformation Tactics

New Study: Ongoing, Future Effects of Gulf Oil Spill "major," "scary"

PA Doctor Sues Over Pro-Fracking, Anti-Free-Speech Law

InsideClimate News: "New Pipeline Safety Regulations Won't Apply to Keystone XL"

New Analysis: Solar ITC Produces Large Net Positive Returns for Taxpayers

Michael Grunwald: Solyndra's Demise Was "a shame...not a scandal"

"Solyndra and the Republican Outrage Machine"

Large Corporations Increasingly Investing in Renewable Transportation Fuels

Why Does a Massively Profitable, Fossil-Fuel-Burning Utility Need Taxpayer-Funded Welfare?

Father of Fracking: "They should have very strict controls" on Fracking

Top 10 Reasons Why Fracking is “Fracked Up”

Poll Shows Overwhelming Small Business Support for Michigan RPS: Opposition Comes from Coal-Fired Utilities

We Bet the Cleantech Haters on Fox News Won't Talk About This One

It’s Electric! (Cars That Is, Not Tacky Wedding Dances)

New Survey Shows More Action Needed on Energy Efficiency

Suntech America President Concerned About Harm to Solar Industry, Depending on Who Wins U.S. Elections

Yet Another Oil-Funded Politician Falsely Claims that "oil companies don't get subsidies"

Nationwide Will No Longer Cover Damages from Fracking; Risks "too great to ignore"

U.S. Coal Industry Turns to "imaginary friends" for Help

Priorities, Priorities: "Kardashians Get 40 Times More News Coverage Than Ocean Acidification"

"Gas industry got three laps around the track when everyone else was still at the starting gate"

Several Problems with Increased Oil Drilling in the Arctic

Tigercomm’s Mark Sokolove to Speak at CSP Today Conference on “Communicating the Value of CSP to the Public”

Is Keystone "Diluted Bitumen" Pipeline a Disaster Waiting to Happen?

Non-Competitive Bidding for Coal Mining Rights a $28.9 Billion Taxpayer-Funded Subsidy?

Instead of Increasing A/C, How About Focusing on Efficiency, Smart Architecture, Natural Cooling?

"The Sky is Pink" Highlights Gas Industry Disinformation Campaign on Fracking

“Are we wildly underestimating solar and wind power?”

Expert: Toxic Pollution of Water Supplies Due to Fracking Will Cause "a lot of people...to get sick"

Stanford Geophysicist: Carbon Sequestration "too expensive and too risky"

Interview: CSP Today Founder Belen Gallego on the Future of Concentrated Solar Power

U.S. Bancorp Funding for SolarCity "speaks volumes about the value of investing in solar"

Yet Another Type of Taxpayer-Funded Corporate Welfare to the Natural Gas Industry

Join Us in Celebrating Solar!

IEA Report: Global Clean Energy System Possible, Necessary, Economical, Must be Rapidly Scaled Up

Moody's: Coal Share of U.S. Generation to Drop Sharply; Gas and Renewables to Replace It

The Dark Side of North Dakota's Oil and Gas "Fracking" Boom

Could U.S. Oil and Gas Boom Lead to "Dutch Disease" in U.S. Economy?

Spoof Video Highlights Folly of Shell Oil Drilling in the Arctic

PA Demonstrates that Taxpayer-Funded Corporate Welfare for the Fossil Fuel Industry Is Thriving at the State Level Too

New Report: Enormous "Intelligent Efficiency" Potential "Could Slash 12-22 Percent of Current U.S. Energy Use"

Wall Street Journal Article Focuses On Solar Industry, Completely Ignores Much Larger Fossil Fuel Political Clout in Washington, DC

New "Clean Economy, Living Planet" Report Ranks Countries, Offers Advice for Winning the Clean Energy Race

Penn State Professor: "'Clean Coal' Propaganda" is "Deceptive" and "Unethical"

Natural Gas Industry: On the Dole Around the World

Heritage Foundation Almost, but Not Quite, Ideologically Consistent on Energy Subsidies

Terry McAuliffe on "The cost of an incoherent energy policy"

Natural Gas "Fracker" Evaluates Own Operations For Important EPA Study, Concludes that All Is Well

Grist: Clean Energy "Inexpensive, reliable, and inexhaustible"

NY Times: Renewable Energy Faring Well in States, Not So Well in Congress

New Report Finds U.S. Clean Energy Leadership in Serious Jeopardy Due to Congress' Failure

New Poll: Americans Strongly Support Clean Energy, Want Fracking Regulations Increased

New Study: Cranking Up Midwest Wind Transmission Capacity Would Save Customers Billions of Dollars

"Dirty Energy Money Buys Yet Another Keystone Vote"

Renewable Portfolio Standard Helps Fuel Texas Wind, Solar Power Growth

ACEEE: "Opportunity Knocks" in Energy Inefficient States

Grist: "Obscure-but-awesome energy law getting shivved by natural gas lobby"

Possible Grid-Scale Liquid Metal Battery Breakthrough?

Yale Survey: Almost Nobody Trusts Fossil Fuel Companies for Global Warming Information

Expert Webinar: Clean Energy Trends Are Looking Up!

Poll: Small Business Owners Strongly Support Clean Energy

Washington Post: India's Solar Industry "finally taking off"

NY Times: "An Effort to Bury a Throwaway Culture One Repair at a Time"

AP: Wyoming "got EPA to delay frack finding"

Another Day, Another Major Scandal in the Fossil Fuel Industry

Plan to "eliminate the upfront cost of energy improvements" moves ahead in California

"Clean Energy Coalition's impact is starting to ripple across Michigan"

New Report Finds 49 Coal-Fired Power Plants with Groundwater Contamination Exceeding Federal, State Standards

“If I wanted America to fail”: Funded by the Usual Suspects - for the Usual Reasons

New Polling Confirms Broad, Bipartisan Support for Clean Energy and for Dirty Energy to Pay Their Tab

Exxon’s Big Bet on Shale Gas Won’t Pay Off if Clean Energy Scales

Bloomberg Statistics: Despite Huge Subsidies for Fossil Fuels, Clean Energy Growing Fast

New Study: Clean Energy Creates Far More Jobs, Economic Growth than Fossil Fuels

"Renewable energy becomes fodder for the culture war at just the wrong moment"

New Study Makes Good Points, but Why Focus Only on Clean Energy Subsidies?

EIA: U.S. Coal-Fired Generation to Continue Declining for Forseeable Future; Clean Energy to Grow

Media Matters Analysis: Networks Spent Twice as Much Time on Donald Trump than on Climate Change

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California’s Wine Country is Harvesting Grapes and Sunlight

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Teen Develops "SunSaluter," Boosts Solar Output by 40%

New Economic Analysis: Coal Expensive, Underregulated

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AP History of Climate Science Denialism Demonstrates Power of Dirty Energy Propaganda

New Graphic Clearly Shows Solar Jobs Booming, Fossil Fuel Jobs Shrinking

IMF, World Bank Recommend Slashing Fossil Fuel Subsidies, Putting Price on Carbon

Hypocrisy Alert: Prominent Critics of Solyndra Sought Loans for Projects in Their States

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Nebraska Astroturf Group Pushing Hard for Dirty Tar Sands Pipeline

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Top EIA Energy Trends Watcher Agrees: We Do Not Count Damage to Public Property in Price of Fossil Fuels

Predictable But Still Dumb: Pro-Dirty Energy Politicians Assault Voter-Approved Renewable Energy Standards

Top EIA Energy Trends Watcher: No Definitive Count on Dirty Energy Welfare

Great Idea: $40 Billion in Cuts to Wasteful Big Oil Subsidies

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A Few Energy Articles We’re Reading Today (1/13/11)

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Anti-American Interest Crowd Endangers U.S. Economy, National Security

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Chevron’s “Human Energy” Spent Pioneering New Form of Pollution - Cleantech Washing

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Still Doubt the Dirty Energy Lobby’s Power? Read how they got more of your money…

Must-See Post Carbon Institute Video: “300 Years of Fossil Fuels in 300 Seconds”

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