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Five Energy Stories Worth Reading Today (9/10/13)

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Here are five recommended reads for today (9/10/13).

  1. According to Greentech Media, "as Congress reconvenes this fall in preparation for "a whale of a fight" over the debt ceiling and budget, one of the only hopes for bipartisan action is a wide-ranging efficiency bill that would create strong new energy performance standards for commercial buildings, federal facilities and industrial plants."
  2. Desmog Blog reports: "University of Tennessee-Knoxville's "frackademia" program proposal - set to transform UT's Institute of Agriculture into a de facto fracking land leasing agency - has been put to rest for now, according to The Tennesseean. In short: the university's premiere leasing proposal for acreage didn't recieve a single bid."
  3. The Guardian argues that "[t]he European development bank's focus on fossil fuels has had a negative impact on communities. It's time to change direction."
  4. MassLive.com reports that "energy efficiency investments are expected to produce nearly $1 billion of benefits across the commonwealth, including, but not limited to, energy cost savings, water savings, reduced operating and maintenance expenses and fossil fuel savings, according to National Grid"
  5. Renewable Energy World writes: "As the shift to more renewable sources catches on, questions are raised about how to make grids more flexible and better able to accommodate intermittent renewable generation. Alstom Grid believes high voltage, direct current (HVDC) technologies are part of the answer."