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Cleantech Roundtables

Twice a year, we host 3 roundtables, one of top cleantech journalists, another for the leading podcasters, and the third for investors with their fingers on the pulse of clean economy trends. Our industry-leading contacts enable us to provide insights that you won’t get anywhere else.

3rd CTLR Cleantech Investors Roundtable

by Mike Casey on 6/16/23 12:59 PM1 min. read

We recently completed our third investors roundtable working with our friends at CTLR (@Cleantech Leaders Roundtable). We had a great roster that included:

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9th Cleantech Journalist Roundtable

by Mike Casey on 6/9/23 9:48 AM1 min. read

#Cleantechers, we hosted our 9th Quarterly Cleantech Editors and Reporters Roundtable in April. It’s hard to believe we’ve run these for over two years, but they continue to be the one of the highlights in Tigercomm's quarterly content stream.

These convenings are a rare opportunity to hear how our sectors show up to the people who cover us, and to ask THEM questions. With our accelerating progress, these insights are more and more important for cleantech communicators to have and utilize.

We had the honor to moderate a discussion with:
- Jennifer Dlouhy of Bloomberg News
- John Engel of Renewable Energy World
- Nichola Groom of Thomson Reuters
- Zachary Shahan of CleanTechnica

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2nd CTLR Investors Roundtable

by Mike Casey on 4/17/23 10:06 AM2 min. read

#Cleantechers, Tigercomm hosts/moderates three quarterly convenings of cleantech players. These groups of journalists, podcasters and investors bring fascinating perspectives that help us stay current on trends within clean energy. This series was inspired by Tigercomm's 16 quarterly convenings of cleantech editors, reporters, and podcasters, including from the main stage at last year's RE+ trade show in Anaheim. 
We like to say that our editors give us a breadth of view, while our podcasters give us a depth of view. But the investors you’ll hear from have perhaps the deepest expertise of any group we assemble. They see our sectors through the lens of our financial aspirations, expressed through the hundreds of pitches they hear and evaluate.
A special thanks to my friend, Andrea Luecke, the Executive Director of the Cleantech Leaders Roundtable – or “CTLR,” for short. CTLR is the official sponsor of this convening, and as the “First Member” of CTLR, it’s a particular honor for her to ask me to moderate this series. I know co-founders Jigar Shah and Jacob Susman are proud of this milestone as well.

These folks are very smart and worth the time to hear. Thanks to our panelists Amy Francetic, Matt Cheney, Nancy Floyd and Dave Kirkpatrick. It was fun to talk with you.

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What’s the recipe for a winning investment pitch? Contrary to popular belief, it’s not business fundamentals. 

As reported by Business Insider, academic research shows that things like founder team experience, market size, revenue potential, and exclusivity of the tech aren’t all that important…but performance is.  

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Just before the holidays, we hosted a year-end episode of the Cleantech Podcasters Roundtable. Our lineup changed a bit, with the happy addition of John Belizaire.

Here are our “B3Ps,” or Big 3 Points from that episode. You can read the full transcript below.
1. At the risk of sounding like a broken record: The Cleantech sector needs to invest more time and resources into messaging. Fossil fuel front groups are still working the mainstream media refs, spreading misinformation about the Inflation Reduction Act, painting ESG investing as “woke capitalism,” and the messaging that next-generation nuclear fission will be our climate savior. We have the tools to accelerate the energy transition, and our industry conversations should reflect that confidence I our public communications.

2. Expect grid resiliency, distributed energy resources, retrofitting, and workforce employment to be big topics for the new year — and more stories about people leaving “dirty” jobs for clean ones.
3. Let’s celebrate the people and organizations that helped prevent a pro-fossil fuel wave in the recent elections. Our participants gave laurels to: the Environmental Voter Project, Governor Kathy Hochul, Governor Gavin Newsom, and the California Public Utilities Commission.

Listen to the full episode on the SunCast Podcast:

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We closed our cleantech journalists panel at RE+ with a question we often like to ask our Scaling Clean podcast guests: Are you a climate optimist or pessimist – and why? Our panelists gave thoughtful answers, a mix of optimism and realism about the aggression of energy industry incumbents (read the fossil fuel lobby). We’d like to share their answers here.

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In the U.S., the field of companies developing renewable energy farms is quickly expanding. There are a large number of new additions coming from developing countries, where project development faces a very different set of problem. Some would argue they are much harder to solve. But the question is, does developing renewable energy in developing countries equip a company to succeed in a market like the U.S.

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When we convened our cleantech journalists live from the stage at the RE+ trade show, among the questions we posed was how clean economy would address its half-dozen major challenges: Permitting, storage, transmission, grid stability, workforce development, and mineral processing. We also wanted to know who would address them. Check out our panel’s answers from Jon Powers, Julia Pyper and Scott Cooney

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We know that most people won't watch the full 45 minutes of our live Cleantech Journalist Roundtable from the RE+ mainstage. We're starting a series of four excerpt videos that focus on particular parts of the discussion.

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When we first developed the idea of a quarterly investors roundtable with Andrea Luecke and the Cleantech Leaders Roundtable, we didn’t know how informative this series could be.  
But after hosting the first episode, I’m at a loss on how to excerpt this uber-rich session into its B3Ps, or “Big 3 Points.” What I now realize is that within the confines of their investment strategy, these investors have to be master trackers of our sectors. If they don’t, they don’t succeed professionally.  
Our panelists covered a TON of ground in an hour, all of it smart, insightful and very much worth listening: 

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Tigercomm Roundtable LIVE at RE+ - Full Video

by Mike Casey on 10/19/22 3:37 PM1 min. read

We finally have the full-length video of our quarterly roundtable of cleantech journalists, which was held from the stage at RE+. Thanks to our friends at the trade show.

In the weeks ahead, we’ll produce a few excerpt videos. Each one will focus on a particular part of this discussion.

Thanks to our panelists:

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We've got another great roundtable on the books. Below are our big three takeaways of the conversation.

1. The perception of green hydrogen as a climate solution is rapidly shifting towards positive.
2. While we wait for a national-level transmission buildout, the US would do well to consider alternatives like microgrids and community solar, home systems, and investing in R&D for potential new solutions.
3. Will the momentum of the IRA and record attendance at RE+ carry us through the next 5 years? Our participants had varying opinions, but we see a promising trend of clean energy turning into a business issue rather than a culture war issue.

Thank you again to our great roundtable guests:
Marie Burgquist of the Watts Up Podcast
Bill Nussey of Tech Square Ventures
Tim Montague of Clean Power Hour
Joshua Porter of Solarcoaster.co
Julia Pyper of GoodLeap
Gil Jenkins of Hannon Armstrong

I look forward to hearing your coverage as our post-IRA world unfolds and hope to see you again for our 7th podcasters cleantech roundtable.

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Our 8th quarterly Cleantech Editors and Reporters Roundtable convened last week in the midst of one of the most exciting federal climate moves of our time.

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Last week, a mix of regulars and new faces converged for the 5th Quarterly Cleantech  Podcasters Roundtable, perhaps the best we’ve had so far:

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Mosaic - 1. a picture or pattern produced by arranging together small colored pieces of hard material, such as stone, tile, or glass.

If you listened to our 7th quarterly Cleantech Editors and Reporters Roundtable, you got what I think is one of the best overviews of cleantech available anywhere.

In part that’s because this was the best Roundtable we’d had to date. But it’s also because these convenings assemble journalists at the top of their game who track hundreds of companies in multiple sectors.

When their views come together, you get a confident picture of our professional landscape. You get a mosaic.

#cleantechers, if staying on top of sector developments is important to you professionally, it’s hard for me to identify a better view than what these Roundtables provide. (Yes, I’m partial.)

Thanks to our returning regulars:

And to our new panelists:

There was a lot to cover – continued advancements in clean energy scaling, tariffs, ruthless dictators, global supply chain disruptions, and more progress in the Wild West of storage and transmission. This was a tough Roundtable to boil down to our standard, “B3Ps,” or Big 3 Points.

Here’s our take:

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Episode 4 of our quarterly podcast roundtable is on the books — Nico Johnson and I had a great conversation with Marie Burgquist, Gil Jenkins, Tim Montague and Joshua Porter. I’ll be sharing my big three takeaways from this session soon. In the meantime, you can watch the whole episode here.

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We’re back with the Final Cleantech Podcasters Roundtable of the year!
Hosts of six major clean economy podcasts once again reconvene for a one-hour discussion this Wednesday, December 15th and made their predictions for 2022.

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We helped finish 2021 with our 6th Quarterly Cleantech Editors Roundtable. It was another interesting discussion with Heather Clancy of Green Biz, Zachary Shahan of Clean Technica and Tim Sylvia of pv magazine. We missed Darius Snieckus of Recharge, and we hope he feels better. We’re confident he’ll joins us for our Q1 2022 roundtable (details TBD).

Our discussion today covered:

  • How clean economy fared in 2021
  • What to expect in 2022
  • Trajectory of EVs
  • Impact of California’s changes to net metering
  • Potential impact of the Biden Administration on de-carbonizing the U.S.
  • What the U.N. climate talks could mean for the global economy

A big thanks to our panelists and audience for their questions!

You can watch the video below:

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September 24th marked our 2nd ever Cleantech Podcasters Roundtable, and it was full of great insights from our seven guests. In case you missed it, here are our "B3Ps," or Big Three Points we took away from the conversation. And a bonus: each podcaster shares their dream interview + favorite episode of his/her show.

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Last week, we hosted the 5th Cleantech Editors Roundtable, and we think it was our best yet. Six editors from major cleantech news sites met to cover a wide range of topics. You can view a highlight reel below, but beneath that is what we heard to be the “B3Ps,” or Big 3 Points:  

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Fellow cleantechers – 

You’ve heard about our quarterly #Cleantech Editors & Reporters Roundtable series. Now Tigercomm is experimenting with the first #Cleantech Podcasters Roundtable. 

We convened the hosts of 8 major clean economy podcasts to discuss sector trends, changes in company leadership, information sources they use, and how best to approach them with topics & guests for their shows.

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4th Quarterly Cleantech Editors Roundtable

On April 21, we had the honor of welcoming the editors who have formed our Cleantech Editors Roundtable. This fourth convening continued producing useful insights from people who see trends emerge from the thousands of pitches our companies collectively send them each month.

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3rd Cleantech Editors & Reporters Roundtable

by Mike Casey on 1/15/21 11:09 AM1 min. read

May we live in interesting times.

Since our previous Cleantech Editors & Reporters Roundtable, we have witnessed a chaotic election cycle, a riot at the capitol, and an ongoing global pandemic. Still, our guests came prepared to share their wisdom on the newest developments in the clean economy.

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The quarterly Cleantech Editors Roundtable is back! We recently hosted the second roundtable discussion with our guests: Catherine Morehouse of Industry Drive; Darius Snieckus of Recharge News; Heather Clancy of GreenBiz; Jennifer Runyon Clarion Events; Yann Brandt of Solar Wake Up; Zachary Shahan of Cleantechnica.

The panel discussed the future of renewable energy, fossil fuels, and how the pandemic is reshaping the industry.

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Have questions you want to ask editors of the major cleantech news sites? While socially distancing, we’ve got a webinar for that.

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