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Community Engagement

Win community approval for projects

Clean energy developers need support from local communities to build renewable energy infrastructure, such as wind and solar farms. But developers face increasingly project-fatal opposition from loud minorities of locals who organize online, then shout at local officials in the hearing room. We’ve pioneered and deployed community engagement strategies and digital best practices for developers to cut project risk and boost their ability to win the “social license” needed to secure permits from local officials.

ROCKWOOL faced 8K opponents in a 55K-person county. Tigercomm designed and executed the community engagement plan that helped its proposed eco-insulation factory get built.

Tigercomm employs America’s leading experts on successful community engagement for clean economy companies. We conducted the first-ever poll of rural Americans’ views of renewable energy, and surveyed the nation’s leading developers on their program’s strengths. Check out our analysis of current practices for onshore wind, micromobility and offshore wind.

PROCESS / Community Engagement

Success Story | Lightsource bp

Major Developer Raises the Bar for Responsible Solar, Wins Over Skeptics

As one of the world’s biggest solar developers, Lightsource bp is facing increasing skepticism from local residents, who are targeted with anti-renewables propaganda from the oil and gas industry. In fact, local “NIMBY” resistance (“Not In My Back Yard”) objections have led to more project cancellations, creating a multibillion-dollar threat to the entire clean energy transition.

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Sample Clients

Solar City Lightsource BP Rockwool AES


“Tigercomm was thorough, perceptive and returned significant value. They helped us capture and advance our company’s practices in a way that fit our culture and staff capacity.”
Mary Grikas Senior Vice President, Marketing & Community Relations, U.S., Lightsource bp

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