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Success Stories
Community Engagement


Global energy company AES had achieved strong ties with the local community around the largest wind farm in Arizona. The company wanted to cement its relationships with local and state officials through an in-person event that would celebrate a major construction milestone and attract local media attention. But the event’s remote location – Winslow, four hours outside of Phoenix – and summer temperatures posed significant challenges. And safety concerns prohibited the company from offering media a trip to the top of the iconic turbines.

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Over 50 counties across 10 states competed to land ROCKWOOL’s newest eco-friendly insulation factory. The global company selected Jefferson County, WV, which partnered with the company to announce it had won. They then released factory design plans, followed by a public groundbreaking featuring statewide officials. This triggered aggressive community opposition that grew to 12K opponents and imperiled construction of this critical $350M plant. Company’s leaders were being verbally battered in local public meetings when ROCKWOOL approached Tigercomm for help.

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Lightsource BP

As one of the world’s biggest solar developers, Lightsource bp is facing increasing skepticism from local residents, who are targeted with anti-renewables propaganda from the oil and gas industry. In fact, local “NIMBY” resistance (“Not In My Back Yard”) objections have led to more project cancellations, creating a multi-billion-dollar threat to the entire clean energy transition.

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