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Success Story | Community Engagement

New $350M Insulation Factory Saved From Aggressive Nimby Tactics


Tigercomm moved quickly to help ROCKWOOL control its interface with the community by reframing the project as an economic conversation among local residents. We helped the company engage supportive members of the local business community and influential, long-time residents.

The effort was underpinned by a Facebook strategy that grew supporters’ ranks, boosted their presence in the debate, and pushed back on over-the-top opponents’ rhetoric, which included a bomb threat.


Over 50 counties across 10 states competed to land ROCKWOOL’s newest eco-friendly insulation factory. The global company selected Jefferson County, WV, which partnered with the company to announce it had won. They then released factory design plans, followed by a public groundbreaking featuring statewide officials. This triggered aggressive community opposition that grew to 12K opponents and imperiled construction of this critical $350M plant. Company’s leaders were being verbally battered in local public meetings when ROCKWOOL approached Tigercomm for help.


  • The factory opened on time, and it now employs 150 people who earn 25 percent above the prevailing local wages.
  • It’s producing eco-friendly, infinitely recyclable insulation in a state that ranks 49th for energy efficiency – in a country that wastes 40% of all the electricity it produces.

ROCKWOOL faced 8K opponents in a 55K-person county. Tigercomm designed and executed the community engagement plan that helped its proposed eco-insulation factory get built. Image Source: Spirit of Jefferson.

The Rockwool factory, in Ranson, West Virginia, opened July 2021. Image source: WTOP News.


“We faced intense, well-organized local opposition to a project that put a significant capital investment and our brand reputation at risk. Tigercomm helped us turn the situation around with a high level of expertise, dedication, and hands-on support.”
Michael Zarin Vice President, Group Communications

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