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6th Quarterly Cleantech Podcasters Roundtable - Tomorrow

2 min. read

Please join us tomorrow, Thursday September 29th at 2:30 p.m. EST for our quarterly Cleantech Podcasters Roundtable.

Register in advance for our webinar:

Our very own Mike Casey and NICO JOHNSON 🎙️ will have the honor of hosting:

Marie Burgquist of the Watts Up Podcast
Bill Nussey of Tech Square Ventures
Tim Montague of Clean Power Hour
Joshua Porter of Solarcoaster.co
Julia Pyper of GoodLeap LLC
Gil Jenkins of Hannon Armstrong

We find these podcasters consistently share a depth of view that's hard to beat. If you want to keep your fingers on the pulse of our sectors, there are few better groups to listen to than these folks!

Fall conference season is here - where will you go?

4 min. read

It’s been a tough couple of years on the conference scene, raising questions about what trade shows will look like post-pandemic. I have to say, though, that it feels like things are finally getting back to normal.

8th Cleantech Editors & Reporters Roundtable - Our Big Three Points

1 min. read

Our 8th quarterly Cleantech Editors and Reporters Roundtable convened last week in the midst of one of the most exciting federal climate moves of our time.

Energy Efficiency As a Business Opportunity With Al Subbloie - Scaling Clean Ep. 9

5 min. read

#Cleantechers, pay attention to this episode, because it’s a good one. As our readers know, we designed the #ScalingClean podcast to bring you management and leadership wisdom from experienced company leaders. We’ve got a heavily experienced growth company CEO for you in this episode who is lighting up the traditionally workhorse energy efficiency sector.  

8th Quarterly Cleantech Editors Roundtable — This Thursday

1 min. read

#Cleantechers, we are gearing up for our 8th Cleantech Editors Roundtable on September 1st at 2:00pm EST.

The Physics of US Clean Energy Politics with Zach Shahan of CleanTechnica

1 min. read

Zachary Shahan of CleanTechnica honored us by running our recent white paper, “We’re the people we’re waiting for,” and interviewed us for his CleanTech Talk podcast. 

An Expert in "Breadth of Development" Kimberlee Centera - Scaling Clean Ep. 8

2 min. read

We designed this show to bring you wisdom from experienced company leaders, and this episode won’t disappoint.  

We're the People We're Waiting For

13 min. read

Before publishing this paper, I had to change its subhead from “Angry about Joe Manchin? Take a number,” to what you read above.

Many working for the clean economy transition are now relieved by the senator from West Virginia because his change of mind has enabled the hugely significant climate bill to become a reality. 

It would be a tragic mistake for us to put our feet up, figuring all’s well that ended well. Let’s be clear: This climate reconciliation bill almost didn’t happen. It’s smaller than it could have been.

Clean Energy Investment - Why Corporations Are Being Drawn to the Clean Energy Market Now

3 min. read

Note: this article was updated in August 2022 to reflect recent changes in the industry.

The Global Clean Energy Investment Landscape

The cost of renewable energy continues to become more competitive with fossil fuels as LCOE drops. Following passage of tax cut legislation at the end of 2017, Greentech Media reports, "Much of the conversation in clean energy circles…has revolved around a potential shrinking of the tax equity market -- which accounts for between 40 percent and 60 percent of finance for individual solar and wind projects -- because of the reduction in value of renewables credits." According to Greentech Media, however, it appears that - so far at least -  corporate America is showing "continued interest in direct renewables investments." 

Topics: Clean Economy

Takeaways from our 5th Cleantech Podcasters Roundtable Hosted by SunCast Media

3 min. read

Last week, a mix of regulars and new faces converged for the 5th Quarterly Cleantech  Podcasters Roundtable, perhaps the best we’ve had so far: