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A Career in Impacful Investing w/ Jennifer Von Bismarck - Scaling Clean Ep. 18

2 min. read

Most of our guests to date have led companies that develop renewable energy plants, sell cleantech equipment, or provide energy services. But today our guest is a pure play. She's a career-long investor who served in leadership positions at sequential investment funds, and she now serves as the co-founder and CEO of the DC-based Galway Sustainable Capital. Jennifer Von Bismarck's shop invests in companies, projects and assets that drive environmental and social resilience at the local level. I wanted to learn from Jennifer how a career in investment shaped her views on running a successful company.

Dear RFPs, Here’s 5 Reasons Why Creative Pros Aren’t Really Into You

6 min. read

This article was originally published on Agility PR's Bulldog Reporter blog.

Request for Proposals (RFPs) are a long-standing tradition among companies and organizations seeking creative professional services. But it’s a tradition that we’re leaving for reasons that might be useful to both buyers and sellers of these services.

A Cleantech Podcaster OG - Interview with Tim Montague of Clean Power Hour

3 min. read

As a lot of you know, we convene quarterly roundtables for podcasters, journalists, and investors in the cleantech space. Today, I get the privilege of talking to Tim Montague, who has achieved some serious milestones in his cleantech coverage.

Op-Ed: 4 Reasons to Boycott “How to Blow Up a Pipeline”

5 min. read

This article was originally published on CleanTechnica.

Leadership From the Ground Up with Jesse Grossman - Scaling Clean Ep. 17

3 min. read

#Cleantechers, Scaling Clean listeners know that we seek out clean economy CEOs for their lessons on building teams and running companies. All our guests to date have developed their leadership abilities by ascending a career ladder, and they’ve done that across several companies.

Today’s guest has instead learned his leadership lessons on the job, so to speak. Jesse Grossman founded Soltage LLC 17 years ago, and he’s led since then as Chairman and CEO. Soltage is a New Jersey-based utility-scale solar IPP company that was founded on the belief that capital cost shouldn’t stop the spread of solar.

Topics: Scaling Clean Podcast

The “3D Rule” – No Drama, No Dysfunction, No Dishonesty

3 min. read

A Tribute to Doug Kendall

I try to keep my content stream outward focused. There’s so much egocentric, “look at me” content online that I don’t see the point of making more. 

We’ve been interviewing clean economy CEOs, investors and advisors on our “Scaling Clean” series. I’ve learned a lot from these guests on sound leadership and management practices. Based on audience feedback, others have as well. 

Combining .com, .org and .gov Expertise - Scaling Clean Ep. 16

3 min. read

In Miranda Ballentine, we have a CEO with “.com,” “.org” and “.gov” experience. Most know her as the head of the Clean Energy Buyers Association (CEBA). But Miranda’s experience runs a gamut that includes stints as a sustainability director of Walmart, a consultant through David Gardner Associates, and as Air Force Assistant Secretary managing energy budgets for 170 military installations. She also was CEO of Toronto-based Constant Power that develops distributed energy projects.
If you are short on time, you can read the main conversation highlights below:

6:40 – Encourage your employees not to feel pressured to automatically accept a promotion. With any job change, people should ask themselves three questions:
1.  Which job allows me to make the greatest difference for my organization?
2.  Which job would allow me to have the most positive impact in the world?
3.  Which job is just going to be the most fun?
17:45 - In addition to developing the culture and vision of a company, a CEO needs to be adept at resourcing and problem solving. The more senior you get, the more complex problems you are expected to solve. It’s crucial to sharpen your ability to prioritize problems, outsourcing the smaller ones to managers whenever possible.
18:51 - Learn whether you are an entrepreneur or INTRApreneur. The two are different, and the intrapreneur’s skills of influencing, persuading, and moving big systems are crucial in the climate work of large, mature institutions.  
31:31 – When interviewing candidates, Miranda uses “hiring panels” drawn from a diverse cross-section within her organization. They give her a broader perspective on a job candidate. 
42:12 - Building a strong culture for your company is imperative, not a nice-to-have. You will see negative impacts if culture and cooperation are neglected.

You can listen to the full interview on Cleantech Leaders Roundtable's website or on AnchorSpotifyApple Podcasts and iHeart Radio.

Servant Leadership with Lightsource bp CEO Kevin Smith - Scaling Clean Ep. 15

2 min. read

Kevin Smith, CEO of Lightsource bp, is one of the few people in cleantech who's led two major solar companies. Kevin’s a great interview in part because of the depth of his background: fossil fuels and renewables, Europe and the US, and experience in two different types of solar. Throughout it all, he's proven to be an impressive company builder who draws consistent praise from the people that work for him.

Topics: Scaling Clean Podcast

In renewable energy project development, the messenger matters.

2 min. read

How recent news is tightening the screen on who rural Americans will listen to.

#Cleantechers, if you run point on community engagement for a renewable energy developer or EPC, you already know your work is harder than it was even a few years ago.

Topics: Thought Leadership

2nd CTLR Investors Roundtable

1 min. read

#Cleantechers, Tigercomm hosts/moderates three quarterly convenings of cleantech players. These groups of journalists, podcasters and investors bring fascinating perspectives that help us stay current on trends within clean energy.

Here's the latest Investors Roundtable, which we moderate in partnership with Cleantech Leaders Roundtable.

These folks are very smart and worth the time to hear. Thanks to our panelists Amy Francetic, Matt Cheney, Nancy Floyd and Dave Kirkpatrick. It was fun to talk with you.

Topics: CTLR Investors Roundtable