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Excerpt #2: Cleantech Journalists Roundtable LIVE at RE+

1 min. read

When we convened our cleantech journalists live from the stage at the RE+ trade show, among the questions we posed was how clean economy would address its half-dozen major challenges: Permitting, storage, transmission, grid stability, workforce development, and mineral processing. We also wanted to know who would address them. Check out our panel’s answers from Jon Powers, Julia Pyper and Scott Cooney

Topics: Quarterly Cleantech Podcasters/Editors Roundtable

6 Election Takeaways for Cleantech Communicators -- Tigercomm on Cleantechnica

1 min. read

Cleantechers, below I share some first impression takeaways from Tuesday’s election results. I offer these through the lens of my time in politics (25 years) but detached from any opinion I have about candidates or political views. These thoughts are offered strictly from a communications mechanics perspective, with the hopes that it’s of use to fellow clean economy communicators in your work going forward.

Excerpt 1: Cleantech Journalists Roundtable LIVE at RE+

1 min. read

We know that most people won't watch the full 45 minutes of our live Cleantech Journalist Roundtable from the RE+ mainstage. We're starting a series of four excerpt videos that focus on particular parts of the discussion.

Topics: Quarterly Cleantech Podcasters/Editors Roundtable

First Ever Quarterly CTLR Investors Roundtable

3 min. read

When we first developed the idea of a quarterly investors roundtable with Andrea Luecke and the Cleantech Leaders Roundtable, we didn’t know how informative this series could be.  
But after hosting the first episode, I’m at a loss on how to excerpt this uber-rich session into its B3Ps, or “Big 3 Points.” What I now realize is that within the confines of their investment strategy, these investors have to be master trackers of our sectors. If they don’t, they don’t succeed professionally.  
Our panelists covered a TON of ground in an hour, all of it smart, insightful and very much worth listening: 

Topics: CTLR Investors Roundtable

Building Community Acceptance When Wind Project Opponents Organize Online, But Developers Don’t

3 min. read

Under Utilization of Social Media in Wind Energy Marketing

We recently conducted the first-ever review of the use of digital tools by Independent Power Producers’ (IPPs) to build community acceptance for wind farms in host communities.

Topics: Public Affairs

Active Listening and Grit with John Belizaire, pt. 2 — Scaling Clean Ep. 11

2 min. read

Hey #cleantechers, this week we’re back with part two of our conversation with Soluna Computing CEO John Belizaire. John’s current company is building modular green data centers that run on renewable energy. And though he just turned 50, John has already sold two companies.

Topics: Scaling Clean Podcast

Roundup of Inflation Reduction Act Explainers — By The Numbers

19 min. read

We can’t say it enough: the Inflation Reduction Act is a landmark moment for our climate, and the clean economy and homeowners stand to benefit. When the bill was first passed, Tigercomm’s whiz researcher Jamie Meckley compiled a list of explainers for us to read. We know we’re still trying to make sense of the way these funds will be allocated, so we’re sharing that list with you in case it’s useful in your own research.

Communicating Cleantech with Joseph Batir — Energy Transition Solutions Podcast

1 min. read

I had the pleasure recently of talking with Joseph Batir, host of the Energy Transition Solutions podcast.

Joe and I talked about:

- Why I’ve found that working in the private sector is easier than working in politics or the nonprofit world via more rationalized client motives (4:25).

- It’s also more satisfying from a client-impact standpoint, because “You cannot sit at an environmental group and regulate the coal industry into sustainability. Some industries simply have to go. They cannot be kept around. Some industries like cement making can be made much more sustainable.” (13:00)"

- How few clean economy sectors are new industries because they’re not directly disrupting incumbents (13:59) and how disrupted incumbents push back hard through our form of legalized corruption known as campaign contributions. They do that instead of just handing over market share and going willingly out of business (15:19) “The disrupted are constantly reacting to the disruptors and the disruptors must manage that with fewer resources than the disrupted have.”

- Why B2B companies’ default reliance on jargony content hurts their sales and violates the Richard Branson rule of narrative simplicity “Any fool can complicate something. It takes a master to simplify it.” (27:10) and why your marketing collateral should be able to pass the “supermarket checkout test” (29:50) because it accommodates the reality that humans make emotional decisions first in order to make a rationale decision (31:27).

Active Listening and Grit with John Belizaire — Scaling Clean Ep. 10

2 min. read

Hey #cleantechers, ever hear about someone and feel at least a little bit awed by what they have accomplished in their lives? Well, we’ve got one of those folks featured in this episode of Scaling Clean.

Topics: Scaling Clean Podcast

Tigercomm Roundtable LIVE at RE+ - Full Video

1 min. read

We finally have the full-length video of our 14th quarterly roundtable of cleantech journalists. This one was held from the stage at RE+, thanks to our friends at the trade show.

In the weeks ahead, we’ll produce a few excerpt videos. Each one will focus on a particular part of this discussion.

But you can see the full-length tape here.

Thanks to our panelists:

Topics: Quarterly Cleantech Podcasters/Editors Roundtable