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A Cleantech Podcaster OG - Interview with Tim Montague of Clean Power Hour

on • 3 min. read

As a lot of you know, we convene quarterly roundtables for podcasters, journalists, and investors in the cleantech space. Today, I get the privilege of talking to Tim Montague, who has achieved some serious milestones in his cleantech coverage.

My friend has been a dedicated cleantech podcaster for 10 years. He just broke the 400-episode mark on his show, and we thought it was valuable to interview him about what he’s learned through these many hours of talking to leaders in the industry. Tim also hosts a regular live news roundup with John Weaver from PV Magazine.

Besides being a committed observer and participant in cleantech circles, he's also a wonderful person.

Here are my main takeaways from our conversation.

(1) What Tim has learned from talking to hundreds of cleantech leaders: We have the technology. The biggest challenge now is to scale and deploy it.

(2) Some of his favorite guests and episodes from the Clean Power Hour:

(3) Tim’s advice for cleantech companies who are starting to explore being interviewed on the podcast circuit:

  1. Do it! Podcasting is becoming an important marketing tool, and it’s likely to replace radio in the coming years.
  2. Learn how to describe what you do in the world in small soundbites.
  3. The best interviewees are the ones who are ready for a two-way conversation.

(4) Tim’s advice for future podcasters:

  1. Develop a routine that is cost-effective and time effective.
  2. Find your peers and develop relationships within your podcasting niche.
  3. Don’t be intimidated. You can start a podcast without extensive audio knowledge or resources.

Interested in being on Clean Power Hour? Contact Tim on LinkedIn – but do your research on the show first!