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3rd CTLR Cleantech Investors Roundtable

on • 1 min. read

We recently completed our third investors roundtable working with our friends at CTLR (@Cleantech Leaders Roundtable). We had a great roster that included:

  • Bill Nussey, Partner, Engage and Tech Square Ventures
  • Chante Harris, ClimateTech Strategist & Investor
  • Trent Yang, President & Co-Founder, Galway Sustainable Capital
  • Ed Miller, Program Director Environment, The Joyce Foundation
  • Pat Sapinsley, Managing Director, Urban Future Lab

We covered a wide range of topics. But no matter the question asked or answer given, I kept being impressed by how wise these people are.

I’m moved to say on a personal note that despite the seemingly never-ending stream of gloomy news about the accelerating climate disaster, talking with these people gives me hope. Despite the carping of #fossilfuelbros like Robert Bryce, the moral of humanity’s story is dwindling time, gathering momentum. I don't know how we’ll do running these rapids, but I'm sure glad I'm in the same boat that these folks are rowing.



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