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Tips For Clean Economy Startups

1 min. read

We recently had the pleasure to go on the Growth Secrets Podcast with host Reade Milner. Reade runs an intriguing marketing consulting practice in Atlanta that helps a range of businesses market better.

Though we focused on best practices for any business, we covered a range of common mistakes to avoid and principles to follow. They all work for clean economy startups.

The tips center around:

  • Being clear what problem your company is solving.
  • Showing off your company’s problem-solving ability through content that educates prospects in ways they find useful at the early-stage of their purchase decision – and when they aren’t ready to buy at all.
  • Understanding that successful marketing requires using insight-based content to establish relevance for the 97 percent of your prospects who aren’t ready to buy from you just now.
Topics: Clean Economy Marketing & Communications Thought Leadership