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Clean Energy Storage: Unlocking Power Grid Efficiency and Reliability

3 min. read

Energy storage is a central, even crucial, component in the transition to a clean energy economy.

Topics: Clean Economy

5th Quarterly Cleantech Podcasters Roundtable Coming This Week

1 min. read

#Cleantechers, this Thursday at 2:30 EST, we’ll host the 5th Quarterly Cleantech Podcasters Roundtable.

We Talk With a Cleantech “OC,” Investor Graham Richard - Scaling Clean Ep. 7

2 min. read

We describe this show as a podcast for clean economy CEOs, investors and the people who advise them. As both an investor and an advisor, Graham has a foot in two of those categories. But he’s also one of the few people in cleantech who have served in elected office. Mayor Graham Richard served the city of Ft. Wayne, Indiana from 2000-2007 before taking the reins at Advanced Energy Economy to advocate for pro-sustainability policies.

Graham is now a senior advisor at the San Francisco-based investment fund, Finite, a perch that gives him a window into a number of leadership teams. But he was involved in clean energy long before it was cool. Graham is a cleantech “OC,” (“Original Cleantecher”) who installed the floorboards on which many of us now stand.

Here are the highlights of our conversation with Graham.

3:52 – All top-performing CEOs have five things in common:

1.) real passion

2.) purpose-driven solution

3.) ability to tell the company’s stories

4.) they build a trusting environment

5.) a digital-based platform that can scale

Cleantech Business Strategy: Product Differentiation and Sales Strategy

4 min. read

Cleantech executive teams are almost universally concerned with the impact of commoditization of their companies’ long-term growth. But if your product isn’t differentiated, then competing is just about winning on price – otherwise known as commoditization.

Topics: Marketing & Communications

The Role of Digital Tools in Modern Wind Energy

12 min. read

Digital Solutions for Securing Community Acceptance of Wind Energy – With Will Eberle of E.ON North America

This article was updated in June 2022 to reflect new developments in the industry.

Topics: Public Affairs

The Importance of Public Relations in the Micromobility Industry

8 min. read

The Importance of Public Affairs in the Micromobility Industry

Micromobility (MM) risks the fate of other disruptive industries that underinvested in public affairs — and were wiped out by politicians as a result. The gaps in other sectors’ missteps have included: ineffective campaigns at the local level, lack of supportive coalitions, staff without government experience, and not showing officials how supporting micromobility is politically safe and beneficial. Among the approaches micromobility should consider: consistently using social media to flag riders on pending policy decisions that affect them, driving calls to action using segmented data, and engaging riders in taking “microactivism” steps from their phones.

The Oracle of Cleantech Speaks…. You Might Want to listen - Scaling Clean Ep. 6

3 min. read

We describe our podcast as “Scaling Clean, the podcast for clean economy CEOs, investors and the people who advise them.” Ken Locklin is the first we’ve had on the show from the last category. And there’s a reason for that: Ken is the cleantech oracle you probably haven’t heard of because he has the enviable combination of foresight and humility.  

Humility and Fearlessness: The Abby Hopper Interview - Scaling Clean Ep. 5

3 min. read

Abby Hopper is in her 5th year as the head of the Solar Energy Industries Association, the U.S.’s main solar trade association widely known as “SEIA.” She’s SEIA’s third CEO, taking over the reins right when the avowedly anti-renewables Trump Administration took power in 2016.  

State of the Clean Energy Industry - ACP 2021 Market Report

2 min. read

While we were at #CLEANPOWER22 last week, American Clean Power Association (ACP) released their 2021 Market Report. This one is interactive, with some interesting graphics – I encourage you to check it out. 
My major takeaway from this report is the imperative role renewable projects play in raising community revenue. "Land lease payments serve as a drought-proof cash crop that provides a stable income for American farmers, ranchers and private landowners. The tax revenue that clean energy projects bring to communities means new income to repair roads, invest in schools and fund essential services."  
As we saw in our survey with Embold Research, the benefits of these renewables plants are vastly under communicated to the rural, often conservative counties that host them.  
A few other interesting takeaways: 

"Don't Ghost Your Host" - Improving Community Acceptance for Renewable Projects | Clean Power Hour with Tim Montague

1 min. read

Cleantechers, some of you might remember that last December, we released interesting numbers from bellwether Huron County, MI.

Groundbreaking polling methods were used to assess community attitudes toward renewables - and what it took to move them in a positive direction.

Since then, Tyler Duvelius, Robin Pressman and I have conducted an iterative road show to socialize the findings.

But when we talked with Tim Montague, we expanded the perspectives presented to include solar developer Jon Carson.

The results were some useful insights for renewable power developers. All of them face tougher community acceptance landscapes, one of the few ways that the costs of renewables are going up.