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Success Story | Community Engagement

Lightsource bp
Major Developer Raises the Bar for Responsible Solar, Wins Over Skeptics


Lightsource bp asked Tigercomm to work with its development team to capture, advance and memorialize a set of best practices that fit with the company’s brand. We ran an extensive due diligence process, including interviewing over 10 staff members on current versus desired practices, and an in-depth review of 15 past community engagement efforts. The results were crafted into a customized playbook that built on current practices and advanced them to match changing dynamics in local communities and the company’s resources and risk tolerance.

At the same time, we designed and helped Lightsource bp execute a series of thought leadership pieces on its Responsible Solar development approach, as well energy storage and procurement. The series attracted attention from both trade and national media (such as this Wall Street Journal story) that bolstered Lightsource bp’s brand for use in collateral with communities and local policy makers.


As one of the world’s biggest solar developers, Lightsource bp is facing increasing skepticism from local residents, who are targeted with anti-renewables propaganda from the oil and gas industry. In fact, local “NIMBY” resistance (“Not In My Back Yard”) objections have led to more project cancellations, creating a multibillion-dollar threat to the entire clean energy transition.


Lightsource bp now has an industry-leading asset, unique among developers.


“Tigercomm was thorough, perceptive and returned significant value. They helped us capture and advance our company’s practices in a way that fit our culture and staff capacity.”
Mary Grikas Senior Vice President, Marketing & Community Relations, U.S., Lightsource bp

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