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Success Stories
Thought Leadership

Plus Power

Plus Power is the U.S. leader in developing utility-scale battery projects that balance power flows on the grid. The company had focused on project execution and clearing regulatory hurdles before building its brand. But as it approached the final phase of a large fundraising close, it needed to raise its profile to create buzz among the investors who were interested in the company. A complicating factor was the highly technical nature of Plus Power projects’ benefits to the grid.

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Hemlock Semiconductor/ULCSA

Subsidized Chinese competition threatened the market position of America’s top manufacturer of the high-purity polysilicon used in solar panels. To grow its sales, Hemlock Semiconductor (HSC) needed solar buyers to consider the benefits of domestically made products.

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As for most global companies, the pandemic disrupted supply chains for Nextracker, the world’s leading maker of solar trackers and software. CEO Dan Shugar saw early that the cost of sluggish supply chains outweighed savings from manufacturing in China. He leaned into the challenge, aggressively reshoring manufacturing to the U.S. before the Inflation Reduction Act incentivized others. The company was leading the way, but few outside it knew that – an unfilled opportunity as the company prepared to go public in February 2023.

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