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Success Story | Thought Leadership

Plus Power
Helping a sector leader claim its position and win investment


We knew that the company couldn’t just claim its spot as a leader; it had to make the case by being the lead narrator of big battery projects’ benefit to the grid. The company messaged that its batteries act as both a “sponge” for excess power and a “pacemaker,” ensuring more even power flows. We helped the company emphasize its role as a hedge against blackouts in the face of increasing extreme weather events. This positioning allowed Plus Power to more compellingly claim its spot as the leader in addressing the big, growing storage market.


Plus Power is the U.S. leader in developing utility-scale battery projects that balance power flows on the grid. The company had focused on project execution and clearing regulatory hurdles before building its brand. But as it approached the final phase of a large fundraising close, it needed to raise its profile to create buzz among the investors who were interested in the company. A complicating factor was the highly technical nature of Plus Power projects’ benefits to the grid.


  • Plus Power received attention for its groundbreaking project in Hawaii, the first time a battery project completely filled the role of natural gas “peaker” plants.
  • The company’s fundraising was a success, and its announcement garnered attention that positioned it for future raises with investors, who could see the company as a well-run, growth company.


“The Tigercomm team helped us to determine the best way to articulate our projects’ benefits to energy markets, and we reaped the benefits. With its strategic approach and solid execution, we accomplished our visibility goals with our hoped-for audiences.”
Polly Shaw Chief External Relations Officer at Plus Power