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On Freeing Energy Podcast, We Discuss Clean Economy Marketing Paradox

on • 2 min. read

Thanks to Bill Nussey of The Freeing Energy Project's podcast. We’re fans of the work Bill’s doing, and he fingered us as advocates for "strategic brevity" and how it can help #cleanenergy scaling through better #marcom. Highlights:

  • 12:24 – Why clean economy sectors should avoid resenting the polluter lobbies for playing like big kids in how they push back against us as disruptive threats… and for us to do the same; something we’ve written about in greater length here.
  • 14:14 – “Clean Economy Marketing Paradox” and why it overburdens sales staff at most clean economy companies.
  • 15:10 – Why the idea of “getting it out there” is a reef that sinks marcom boats.
  • 17 – Three numbers undercutting legacy marketing approaches of most companies – because those approaches don’t fit with the way prospects are consuming information and starting their purchase decision.
  • 20:30 – Key differences in marcom for B2B clean economy companies vs. B2C companies with point-of-purchase websites – and how to navigate those differences.
  • 26 – Why you want to identify the smallest possible viable audience that you can super-engage and super-delight.
  • 28:45 – Mandate for over-investing in public case making right from the start.
  • 30 – Marcom recommendations for community solar companies.
  • 31:55 – NIMBY opposition to clean economy scaling and what we do about it.

Great host, great project and a great discussion. Thanks, Bill!