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Clean Energy Marketing: How to Sell Emotions in Cleantech

4 min. read

Note: This article was refreshed in March 2022 to reflect the current state of the cleantech industry.

What do your customers buy, really? Is it your product? Or is it something that your product gives them?

Topics: Marketing & Communications

My Reflections On Tigercomm And The Cleantech Sector

2 min. read

Nearly every independent analyst is forecasting that during the next three decades cleantech sectors – and solar in particular – will experience double-digit growth. For those who work in or follow these sectors closely, that’s probably not news to them. But for me, it’s been an honor to compete in those arenas for the past two decades – playing a role in getting to this point by serving a host of Tigercomm’s clients across solar, wind, energy storage, EVs and other sustainability-focused industries.

Topics: Clean Economy Company Announcements

Paul De Martini on the State of the U.S. Smart Grid Market

7 min. read

By Mark Sokolove, Executive Vice President of Tigercomm

Ivanpah Solar Thermal Project Both "Inspirational and Aspirational" for CSP Worldwide

3 min. read

by Tigercomm Executive Vice President Mark Sokolove

CleantechOC’s Greg Trimarche: The Coming Cleantech Boom in Orange County and Beyond

4 min. read

The smart grid...is just an incredible opportunity

Lisa Varga of Phoenix Energy Technologies on the Importance of Collaborating with Your Customers

3 min. read

"Data is the currency of the future" for energy savings

Catherine Jhung of Cleantech Group on Being the Match.com of Cleantech

2 min. read

On September 16th, I was excited to bring our "Scaling Green on the Scene" interview series to the CleanTech OC 2013 Conference and Expo in Irvine, California. This conference is the "only annual conference in Orange County dedicated to covering the clean technology space and connecting industry stakeholders from throughout the region and state.”  In the first installment, we wrote about my interview with former EPA chief Stephen Johnson, in which Johnson talks about the "upcoming, beneficial explosion of cleantech."

Video: Former Bush EPA Director Stephen Johnson on the "upcoming, beneficial explosion of cleantech"

3 min. read

On September 16th, I had the opportunity to attend the CleanTech OC 2013 Conference and Expo in Irvine, California.  If you haven't heard of it, CleanTech OC is "is a trade association that seeks to promote economic growth in the Orange County clean technology industry, which is likely to be one of the most significant engines for job growth in Southern California over the next decade." As for the CleanTechOC Conference, it is the "only annual conference in Orange County dedicated to covering the clean technology space and connecting industry stakeholders from throughout the region & state."

SPI 2012: Three Takeaways and Where the Solar Industry Goes from Here

5 min. read

Time to Set the Record Straight and Act Like a Confident, Mature Industry

What Every Cleantech Startup Should Know About PR

2 min. read

What should every startup know about public relations (PR)?  Communications consultant Lindsey Green tells us in a helpful article at The Daily Muse. The key points: