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My Reflections On Tigercomm And The Cleantech Sector

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Nearly every independent analyst is forecasting that during the next three decades cleantech sectors – and solar in particular – will experience double-digit growth. For those who work in or follow these sectors closely, that’s probably not news to them. But for me, it’s been an honor to compete in those arenas for the past two decades – playing a role in getting to this point by serving a host of Tigercomm’s clients across solar, wind, energy storage, EVs and other sustainability-focused industries.

As the solar industry gets ready for its “hockey stick” growth, I feel that it’s time to take the next big step in my career to propel my own professional growth. After a good, long run at Tigercomm, I am moving to new surroundings next month to serve as Marketing Director for Hanwha Q CELLS North America. I am excited to help take their U.S. businesses to the next level.

I will certainly miss working closely with my boss for the past 14 years, Mike Casey and the entire Tigercomm team. Mike is a unique talent, and I’ve learned a ton from him. Thoughtful, articulate, creative and often thinking three moves ahead.

As I took on more managerial responsibilities at the firm, the most important lesson that I’ve learned from him is to set a high bar and truly invest in the people with whom you surround yourself professionally. And I think that lesson has served the firm well – perhaps as evidenced mostly by those who have previously gone on to impressive roles at other organizations.

Since first joining Tigercomm, I like to think we have built a cleantech marcomm and public affairs agency second to none – by constantly innovating and helping companies win in the marketplaces of customers, policies and ideas. To that end, I will equally miss the relationships that I have forged with our clients and helping to ensure their success.

Internally, Mike has created a culture in which team members are valued, coached and supported. We have followed the edict to take one’s work seriously … but to laugh (a lot) and not take oneself too seriously.

I have many fond memories during my tenure at Tigercomm – too many to mention here. However, two quick anecdotes stick out for me.

I’ll always remember spending a week sweltering in the hot California desert sun with Mike and another colleague to help Ausra, a then-concentrated solar power start-up, flip the switch on a new power plant in Bakersfield. It was the first-of-its-kind in the United States and a striking photo op to boot. Since it was before my family and I relocated to the Golden State, it was also my introduction to the crazy 40-degree temperature swings that are common in the Mojave Desert during any given day in the summer months…But more importantly, it was a harbinger of bigger and better things for Tigercomm and our clients working in the space…

Second, I once had a client point of contact tell me they’d forgotten that Tigercomm had other clients because of the singular, detail-oriented service we were providing to their company – even after I needed to delay a phone call with them for 15 minutes to handle a pressing task. I’ll never forget that. Fortunately, we’ve received similar feedback from a number of other clients who have put their trust in us over the years.

It might sound strange coming from me, but as I make this transition, Tigercomm is as strong as ever and poised for its own explosive growth.

To my colleagues (and extended family) at Tigercomm, it’s hard to express in words my gratitude for the opportunity to partner with you all these years. I wouldn’t have wanted to do it with anyone else as we’ve collectively advanced the ball on sustainability.

Onward to the next big adventure in my career! And upward bound for my Tigercomm family!

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