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Communications Powerhouse
For Clean Economy Companies

Tigercomm’s a strategic asset, not just a PR firm. Look far and wide, but you won’t find an equal … or even a close second.”– Mark Bassett
then-CEO of Hemlock Semiconductor
Our Solutions

What Challenge Are You Facing?

During the last 20 years, over 170 clean economy clients have turned to us to successfully communicate with customers, investors, communities and policymakers.

Explore our cleantech PR and communications services for your company’s business challenge.

Actually, we’ve got a unique challenge that doesn’t fit the options above.

I’d like to discuss it confidentially under NDA.

Turbocharge your sales through better product marketing

Many clean economy companies offer B2B industrial goods and services to a limited pool of customers who don’t buy with a mouse click. However, too many still use the legacy marketing approach of expecting sales teams to provide early-stage customer education. Marketing research shows B2B customers start their “buyer's journey” through online searches and content, before they engage sales team members.

Narrate your company and executives to markets and investors

There are several points in a company’s growth when it’s crucial to narrate a company and its leadership team, not just its products. Whether you’re securing early-stage funding, building valuation for potential acquirers, or preparing for an IPO … we can help.

Secure fair treatment from policymakers

Clean economy companies are typically building new sectors within industries dominated by mature incumbents unwilling to relinquish market share. Instead, they weaponize lobbying and political influence to block the growth of clean economy challengers.

Win a community’s approval to build your project

Clean energy developers need support from local communities to build renewable energy infrastructure, such as wind and solar farms. But developers face increasingly project-fatal opposition from loud minorities of locals who organize online, then shout at local officials in the hearing room. We’ve pioneered and deployed community engagement strategies and digital best practices for developers to cut project risk and boost their ability to win the “social license” needed to secure permits from local officials.

Actually, we’ve got a unique challenge that doesn’t fit the options above.

I’d like to discuss it confidentially under NDA.