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Want To See A Solar Installer Leaning Into Content Marketing? We Talk Solar Marcom With The Folks At Watts Up Podcast

1 min. read

Thanks for a fun conversation with Marie Brugquist, Ryan Suchsland and Conner Allen of GRNE Solar. Hat’s off to this regional solar installation company that’s leaning into providing insightful content to its prospects.

In this interview, we covered everything from the costs of low brand distinction to the differences between sales and marketing.


  • 2:12 – Our latest, in-depth analysis, “The Great Solar Migration” that explores strategies available to solar to get out from under commoditization pressure on profits.
  • 5:35 – Findings from the latest market research into homeowner views on solar (H/T to LG Solar).
  • 10:47 – Nature of solar’s disruptive ability, and marcom principles for the largest players in clean economy sectors.
  • 13:41 – Differences between marketing and sales, as well as the increasing convergence of marketing, advertising and PR.
  • 21:29 – Signs of increasing momentum in the migration from cleantech, to clean energy, to the clean economy.
  • 31:44 – The “shrinking island strategy” used by polluting incumbent interest to slow clean economy scaling.
  • 36:45 – Why we, everyone, in clean economy needs to help inject truth into the cost conversation of clean vs. polluting forms of energy.
  • 42 – How to apply universal principles in public case making to benefit your small company.
  • 45:21 – Why it’s crucial to determine if your company is part of a new sector or a new industry.
  • 53:43 – Differences between being a digital immigrant and a digital native.
Topics: Clean Economy Marketing & Communications Thought Leadership