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Tigercomm Roundtable LIVE at RE+ - Full Video

on • 1 min. read

We finally have the full-length video of our quarterly roundtable of cleantech journalists, which was held from the stage at RE+. Thanks to our friends at the trade show.

In the weeks ahead, we’ll produce a few excerpt videos. Each one will focus on a particular part of this discussion.

Thanks to our panelists:

  • Julia Pyper, host of Political Climate podcast (Canary Media) Vice President of Public Affairs at GoodLeap
  • Scott Cooney, Founder and COO of CleanTechnica
  • Nico Johnson, Founder, COO and host of SunCast Media’s podcast
  • Joshua Porter, Founder of Solar Coaster
  • Jon Powers, Co-founder & president of CleanCapital  AND Podcast: Experts Only