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SunCast Appearance

on • 1 min. read

Nickalus "Nico" Johnson and I had a great conversation about the state of #solar and #cleantech #marcom. His SunCast Podcast is a rising platform in the industry, and I was honored to be on with Nico again.

We barreled through a range of topics. For cleantechers, thought, the most useful portions of the discussion were: 

  • The clean economy marketing paradox (19:50)
  • The burden on cleantech company sales staffs, and why they are ill-equipped to shoulder it (23:50) 
  • Why SunPower Corporation and Apex Clean Energy are the current marcom leaders in their respective sectors (26:15) 
  • 4 things companies can do to leverage the current crisis, including distinguishing content from insights (32:40)
  • The significance of the era of second-bounce eyeballs (36:30)
  • 3 drivers of thought leadership (45)
  • Confucian teaching for cleantechers (52:50) 

255-MikeCasey SunCast

Shout outs to Bill Weihl and Sam Arons (27:09) and David C. Baker (37:45)

Listen to the Podcast here: https://mysuncast.com/suncast-episodes/255

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