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Five Energy Stories Worth Reading Today (6/26/14)

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Here are five recommended reads for today (6/26/14).

  1. Greentech Media reports, "According to GTM Research’s newest report, Microgrids 2014: The Evolution of Localized Energy Optimization, current microgrid capacity stands at 1,051 megawatts and is forecasted to reach approximately 1,843 megawatts by the end of 2017, driven in part by a number of recently announced state-level resiliency programs."
  2. According to Midwest Energy News, "While a Michigan utility says cost concerns are preventing it from expanding its solar program, a draft report from state regulators says it could do so without noticeably affecting electric rates."
  3. Gigaom reports, "New tools for home energy — from a solar roof to better insulation — are leading to big growth for a six-year-old startup in New England."
  4. According to Blue & Green Tomorrow: "Scientists have discovered that a material found in bath salts could serve as a cheaper and less toxic replacement to a compound used in solar cells. The breakthrough could significantly reduce the cost of the technology."
  5. The Wall Street Journal reports, "Oil From U.S. Fracking Is More Volatile Than Expected."