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Vestas' Chris Brown: "Wind power is making America great – today"

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Chris Brown, chairman of the board of the American Wind Energy Association and president of Vestas-American Wind Technology, Vestas’ North American business unit, has a piece in the Austin American-Statesman that explains very well why wind power is winning in Texas and across America. A few key points worth highlighting include:

  • "Wind is winning because of its low price and predictability, which Texans have seized on to become the No. 1 state in total wind-powered electricity."
  • "Across the nation, wind is now a mainstream part of the U.S. energy mix, and common ground Americans agree on."
  • "Wind is winning in energy markets because it’s delivering on business fundamentals – offering innovation, low cost and long-term pricing."
  • "For U.S. farmers and ranchers, wind power is the new drought-proof cash crop. Last year, wind-farm leases brought in $245 million of much-needed income to family farms and ranch owners."
  • "For U.S. manufacturing, wind is helping rebuild America’s industrial base."
  • "For U.S. ratepayers, the Department of Energy reports that wind will save Americans nearly $150 billion on their electric bills by 2050."
  • "For U.S. businesses and investors, the economics are a no-brainer. Smart money is doubling down on wind."

In sum, as Chris Brown writes, wind power is "making America great - today," helping to build a "stronger future with more jobs and growth." Who could be against that?


Topics: Clean Economy