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8th Cleantech Editors & Reporters Roundtable - Our Big Three Points

on • 2 min. read

Our 8th quarterly Cleantech Editors and Reporters Roundtable convened last week in the midst of one of the most exciting federal climate moves of our time.

#Cleantechers, I host these roundtables because it’s an invaluable method of keeping up to date via some of the best reporters and editors in the industry.

Thanks again the panelists who joined us for our 8th edition:

There’s a ton of good stuff to cover in this episode. Read on for our B3Ps (“Big 3 Points).

  1. The IRA comes with a lot of promising developments — new domestic solar manufacturing, price parity for green hydrogen, battery manufacturing for EVs, and a substantial extension of the solar Investment Tax Credit. But it also comes with inevitable challenges: A lack of adequate carbon capture technology, a wobbly transition to electric for automakers and a dire need for new transmission are all factors to watch out for.
  2. We might have won a historical climate battle, but as John Engel pointed out, cleantech must avoid “a false sense of security that the job is done.”
  3. The march forward will take a combination of pointed commercial execution and local political action, especially in red states.

We’re grateful to our panelists for their time and insights, as well as our audience for this content. So many of you have told us how you value these roundtables, so we’ll continue to convene them.