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Five Energy Stories Worth Reading Today (11/11/14)

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Here are five recommended reads for today (11/11/14).

  1. Salon reports, "Just as it once helped Marlboro cigarettes push into Asia at the end of the last millennium, public relations giant Burson-Marsteller is helping Peabody Energy, the world’s largest private coal company, become the dominant supplier to the world’s most ravenous coal market, a role worth billions to Big Coal that could lock in decades of dangerously high carbon emissions."
  2. According to the Christian Science Monitor, "More than a hundred birds died in Alberta oil sands waste ponds last week, raising questions about whether oil companies in Canada are doing enough to protect wildlife."
  3. RenewEconomy reports, "A new study has found that G20 nations, including Australia, are providing $US88 billion ($A102 billion) a year in subsidies just for fossil fuel exploration, despite vowing five years ago to phase out such support."
  4. The Guardian explains "What plummeting oil prices mean for renewable energy."
  5. The New York Times reports, "Denmark Aims for 100 Percent Renewable Energy."