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Five Energy Stories Worth Reading Today (9/2/14)

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Here are five recommended reads for today (9/2/14).

  1. The newly-launched DeSmogBlog UK, "Lord Lawson faces increasing scepticism about the independence of his climate denial charity as the names of two of his anonymous donors with links to the tobacco and oil funded Institute of Economic Affairs are disclosed for the first time."
  2. The Motley Fool writes that "Corporate America Is Betting Big on Solar Energy."
  3. Greentech Media reports, "The city of Austin may have just single-handedly propelled the Texas solar market into the top-ten leading states."
  4. According to DeSmogBlog, "Railroad giant Union Pacific has some big plans for a tiny Texas community. According to locals in the Brazos River Valley, the railroad company is hoping to turn some of the most fertile farmland in Texas into a massive, 72-line rail yard."
  5. NRDC's Switchboard blog reports: "California is poised to open a portal to America’s future, shoving Big Oil off the highways to make room for cleaner transportation alternatives that will improve the nation’s health and provide drivers with much-needed relief from pain at the pump. With today’s bipartisan concurrence vote by the Senate, the California Legislature gave final passage to the Charge Ahead California Initiative to put 1 million electric vehicles on the roads within 10 years and sent it to Governor Jerry Brown for his signature."