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We Join Solar Maverick Podcast To Talk Clean Economy Marketing Paradox – And A Whole Lot Else

1 min. read

We had a fun talking with Benoy Thanjan of the Solar Maverick Podcast. We covered a huge range of topics, but the highlights of the conversation that clean economy sectors might find useful were:

  • 7:30 – Three lies that historically drive profitability for big PR firms.
  • 10:45 – Convergence of traditionally distinct disciplines of advertising, marketing and PR into an overlap zone of search and content.
  • 12:35 – Clean Economy Marketing paradox of brilliant, innovative company leaders who are stuck in legacy marketing mindsets. Early-stage companies in particular put too much of the customer education burden on their sales staff when customers are saying they want to start buying decision through online search and content.
  • 16:40 – How the pandemic’s only increased need for useful content aimed at customers.
  • 22:00 – Paths to thought leadership.
  • 33:20 – Criticality of growing sector-wide crisis communications capacity to defend against broadside attacks on our scaling.
  • 36:00 – Differences between being a new industry vs. a new sector, and how that matters in your public affairs planning.

Thanks for Benoy for having us on the show.

Topics: Clean Economy