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Five Energy Stories Worth Reading Today (3/17/15)

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Here are five recommended reads for today (3/17/15).

  1. Renewable Energy World debunks the utility and fossil-fuel-industry "canard"  about rooftop solar, explaining, "Rooftop solar provides substantial benefits for everyone, regardless of who installs it."
  2. The Hartford Courant reports: "The solar industry in the Northeast has found its voice. Solar business representatives from nine states have formed a coalition with two universities to push for uniform clean energy policies."
  3. RenewEconomy lists the "Abbott government’s 10 biggest renewable energy whoppers."
  4. DeSmogBlog reports, "A new report by CoalSwarm and the Sierra Club provides compelling evidence that the death knell for the global coal boom might very well have rung some time between 2010 and 2012."
  5. According to Phys.org, solar power "could meet California energy demand three to five times over."