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Video: Green Commuter Explains How It's Working to "green your commute and make electric vehicle mobility affordable for all!"

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A new INDIEGOGO video by Green Commuter explains, "every year American spend nearly a week stuck in traffic," which takes time away from other important stuff and adds to environmental pollution. To address this problem, Green Commuter has "developed an App that allows you to use our own fleet of Tesla Model X for van pools during commuting hours and as a car share the rest of the time." This is both "affordable" and "environmentally friendly," and given that the vehicles are used efficiently, "we can afford to make our rates one of the lowest in the industry." In the end, the goal is "saving the planet as well as saving your dollar."

To learn more about Green Commuter, check out their website and their INDIEGOGO campaign, which explains (bolding added by us for emphasis):

We are an all-electric vanpool provider in California and the first company to combine vanpooling, car sharing and fleet replacement. This means we can make a greater environmental impact by maximizing the use of our zero-emission fleet. 

Current vanpool commutes are inefficient. The vans are only used about 6-9% of the week, and just parked the rest of the time. On top of that, standard vanpool vehicles operate on conventional, petroleum fuel and have poor fuel economy. We've developed a new model that utilizes the vanpool vehicle during a substantial portion of the remaining 91-94% of the time as a public car share vehicle or to replace an employer’s fleet vehicle. By doing so, the efficiency between the systems increases the environmental benefits and reduces the costs, allowing us to offer our services at an affordable rate.

We will be launching with the premium all-electric, seven-passenger Tesla Model X, the only vehicle in the US market that meets the needs of Green Commuter’s unique and synergistic model. 

Also check out the Tech Crunch article on Green Commuter, which notes that the company "joins Tesloop in using Tesla vehicles as shared and carpooling vehicles for chronically gridlocked Los Angelenos." Good stuff!

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