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Scaling Clean

3rd CTLR Cleantech Investors Roundtable

by Mike Casey on 6/16/23 12:59 PM1 min. read

We recently completed our third investors roundtable working with our friends at CTLR (@Cleantech Leaders Roundtable). We had a great roster that included:

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South America's Largest Solar Project

Quite the contrast this week.

While Yahoo News reported, "The head of the International Energy Agency issued a stark warning to long-term investors, arguing against investing in international oil and gas companies because of mounting reputational risks and concerns that fossil fuel investments will soon become stranded assets"...

Two Tigercomm clients opened the biggest #solar project on the South American continent.

We're glad to be part of the rising tide, driven by the likes of Daniel Shugar of Nextracker Inc. and Carlos (Ucho) Barrera and Atlas Renewable Energy.

Muito bom!

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9th Cleantech Journalist Roundtable

by Mike Casey on 6/9/23 9:48 AM1 min. read

#Cleantechers, we hosted our 9th Quarterly Cleantech Editors and Reporters Roundtable in April. It’s hard to believe we’ve run these for over two years, but they continue to be the one of the highlights in Tigercomm's quarterly content stream.

These convenings are a rare opportunity to hear how our sectors show up to the people who cover us, and to ask THEM questions. With our accelerating progress, these insights are more and more important for cleantech communicators to have and utilize.

We had the honor to moderate a discussion with:
- Jennifer Dlouhy of Bloomberg News
- John Engel of Renewable Energy World
- Nichola Groom of Thomson Reuters
- Zachary Shahan of CleanTechnica

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Episode 19: Unveiling Leadership Wisdom from Jeff Wolfe’s Cleantech Journey

Jeff Wolfe is an "OC" – an “original cleantecher.” This entrepreneur has three companies under his leadership belt, including two that he founded. Jeff’s work has spanned solar installation, EV fast charging and investment considerations for Shell New Ventures. His current company is Veloce Energy, which offers easy-to-install EV fast charging infrastructure that's designed to speed the electrification of America's vehicle fleet.

Strap in for some well-earned wisdom on building and running successful companies. 

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