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Swords Into Plowshares? How About Coal Plants Into Solar Farms?

We've all heard the expression about turning swords into plowshares.  How about turning coal plants into solar farms as the energy equivalent?  Here's an example that we hope will be widely emulated.

Helpful Tips from Pulse Energy CEO David Helliwell About "Cutting Through the Noise in Cleantech"

At Greentech Media, Pulse Energy CEO David Heliwell has some excellent, helpful tips about "cutting through the noise in cleantech." Here's an excerpt.

Sen. Tim Kaine: Keystone XL promotes "dirty energy...when our national interest lies with clean energy"

We strongly recommend this superb op-ed by Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia, in which he makes a strong case: a) against the Keystone XL pipeline; b) for clean energy; and c) against dirty energy. Note that this op-ed first appeared in The Hill, and is reprinted here with the permission of Sen. Kaine's office. Also note that a rapid clean energy transition strategy is in direct antithesis to one that favors offshore oil drilling, "fracking" in the GW National Forest, mountaintop removal coal mining, etc.

New Poll: Overwhelming Majority of Voters Want Congress to Know Where Keystone XL Oil Will End Up

The following press release is from NextGen Climate Action, "a political advocacy organization founded by clean-energy advocate and philanthropist Tom Steyer to champion policies that will help to address climate change and promote clean energy, preserving American prosperity." Polling released today by NextGen Climate Action indicates a great degree of skepticism among the American people towards the Keystone XL Canadian tar sands export pipeline.

Ivanpah Solar Thermal Project Both "Inspirational and Aspirational" for CSP Worldwide

by Tigercomm Executive Vice President Mark Sokolove

Yet MORE Evidence that Fossil Fuels Are Not "Cheap"

Do we really need to hear more drivel from the fossil lobby on the cost of pro-clean energy policy? We should start factoring this into the cost of fossil fuels and then see how "cheap" they really are.

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"Legendary hedge fund investor" Jeremy Grantham: No Doubt Solar, Wind Will "Completely Replace" Fossil Fuels

To put it mildly, Jeremy Grantham is a lot smarter than you're average pro-dirty energy blowhard on Fox News. A lot. Check this out.

Goldman Sachs: Renewable Energy "at a transformational moment in time.”

This is pretty much what we've been saying for ages now - clean energy is ready and able to transform the world.

Clean Edge's Senior Analyst James Belcher: "Nest acquisition is a milestone for behavioral change and energy use"

We've written many times here at Scaling Green about the enormous potential which energy efficiency holds. We've addressed the question of whether energy efficiency is condemned to be an "eat your peas" technology, or whether it's just not "sexy" enough to compete with other, flashier energy sources for attention.  We've talked about the International Energy Agency report focusing on energy efficiency, which asks the question, "Is energy efficiency not just a hidden fuel but rather the world's first fuel?" And we've highlighted a McKinsey & Company report which found that "by making the manufacturing sector more efficient, the United States could reduce primary industrial energy consumption 21 percent by 2020 — saving U.S. industry $47 billion per year."

Coal Ash Spill in Dan River Demonstrates: "Clean Coal is a Dirty Lie"

Image courtesy of the Rainforest Action Network. Poisoned river courtesy of the coal industry.

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Canadian government secretly funded pro-Keystone XL report?

Did the pro-Keystone XL Canadian government secretly fund a supposedly "independent" report boosting the tar sands pipeline? This article certainly seems to be saying that.

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Another Day, Another Fossil-Fuel Related Mess

Another day, another fossil fuel-related mess.

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BREAKING: Steyer asks Sec. State Kerry to review work and conduct of staff involved in Keystone EIS

February 2, 2014