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Judith Schwartz: Energy Literacy Essential to Maximizing Smart Grid Adoption, Benefits

3 min. read

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Analysis: Media Coverage of Keystone XL Has Been Wildly Biased in Favor of the Pipeline

1 min. read

MediaMatters for America has looked at coverage of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, and not surprisingly (but sadly), they find that "the media continue to largely ignore the risk of an oil spill, while promoting the economic benefits of the project." A few key findings from MediaMatters' research:

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Vestas Senior VP: Wind Industry Must "step up our game" Against Absurd, Anti-Wind Claims

2 min. read

Morten Albæk, group senior vice-president of marketing, communications and corporate relations at Vestas, has written an important article that everyone rooting for wind power's success should read.  Here are a few key points, bolding added by us for emphasis:

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