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Research Suggests Marketing Clean Energy in the US Should Emphasize Individual Liberty

1 min. read

For anyone concerned with the optimal approaches to marketing cleantech - as well as approaches to avoid - a story which appeared yesterday on NPR is well worth passing along. First, a few highlights from the story.

Topics: Community Acceptance Cleantech Marketing

I3 Detects Possible Bump in Early-Stage Cleantech Investments

1 min. read

Courtesy of its email newsletter, here's some potentially promising news from Cleantech Group's I3, "the sector's leading market intelligence product providing insight into innovation."

Topics: Thought Leadership State of the Industry

It's Time for the Media to Crank UP Its Energy and Climate Coverage, Not Cut It Back

2 min. read

For a number of important reasons - economic, environmental, strategic - it's clear that energy is one of the most important, urgent topics of the day.  It's also a fascinating, fun topic to talk about, with the price of clean energy plummeting, with massive investment pouring into the sector, with tremendous opportunity for profit, and with stunning technological breakthroughs being reported on a regular basis. For all these reasons, one would think that the media in general, and our leading newspapers in particular, would be sharply ramping up coverage of energy and energy-related economic, environmental, and strategic issues.

Topics: Earned Media/PR