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Inert Gas (and oil and coal) - Darren Goode on the Power of Policy Inertia and How it Works in Favor of Fossil Fuels

2 min. read

by Tigercomm President Mike Casey

Cornell Professor: Natural Gas Fracking a "Gangplank to more warming and away from clean energy investments"

1 min. read

For everyone out there who thinks that natural gas can be a "bridge fuel" to a clean energy future, we present this article by Anthony R. Ingraffea, professor of civil and environmental engineering at Cornell University, and president of Physicians, Scientists and Engineers for Healthy Energy. Here are a few key points:

Pew Video: Turn Heat Into Power With Industrial Efficiency

0 min. read

A few key points from this excellent new video, launched today by Pew’s Clean Energy Program:

Darren Goode: How Social Media Affects The Way He Works

2 min. read

We recently hosted Politico senior energy & environment reporter Darren Goode for a Scaling Green Communicating Energy talk. Our first post discussed Goode's estimates of the odds that various pieces of energy legislation will pass Congress and be signed into law. Our second post featured Goode's tips for pitching your energy story to a top reporter like him.  Today, we've got Goode's thoughts on how social media - particularly Twitter - is changing the way he reports and informs readers.

Groundbreaking New Report Quantifies Massive Benefits of MLPs to the Fossil Fuels Industry

4 min. read

We recently had nationally recognized energy finance expert Richard Caperton in to speak with us about Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) - the advantageous tax structure that only the oil and gas industries currently get to use.  As Caperton pointed out, MLPs don't have a "sunset date," but instead are "a permanent thing."  And, as Caperton noted, "that’s a lot of the benefit" to the fossil fuel industries.

New Report Finds 0.09% Enforcement Rate for Oil Sands Infractions

1 min. read

On top of the massive tax breaks and subsidies the fossil fuel industries receive - both direct and indirect - yet another form of de facto corporate welfare to these folks is the fact that they're essentially allowed to pollute with impunity And it's not just in the United States, either. For instance, check this out:

The Latest from the Not-So-Wonderful World of Fossil Fuels

2 min. read

The latest news from the not-so-wonderful world of fossil fuels includes a few items we definitely thought you should be aware of.

"This is a good time to be in the business of selling electric vehicles."

1 min. read

There are people who like to write off the enormous potential of elective cars, but articles like this one prove them wrong. In fact:

Arizona Public Service Co. Positions Rooftop Solar Customers as Moochers

1 min. read

This article describes a classic example of how utilities get paid for us NOT buying their product. It's by Don Brandt, chairman and CEO of Arizona Public Service Co., a utility company which has been busy seeking higher bills for new solar power customers in the state.  According to Brandt:

Energy Fact Check Demolishes Fossil Fuel Attack on "renewable energy subsidies"

1 min. read

If you're not familiar with Energy Fact Check by the American Council On Renewable Energy (ACORE), you should definitely check it out, as it's an invaluable resource.  One of the main goals of Energy Fact Check, as it states on its website, is "responding to inaccuracies and misrepresentations with the facts on an industry that is popular, productive, growing and essential to America’s economy, energy independence and national security." As we know, those attacks have come fast and furious from the entrenched, incumbent, and highly profitable fossil fuel industry, which fears the increasingly disruptive force - to them, that is - represented by clean energy. Thus, we get false attacks from the fossil fuel folks such as:

DC Superior Court: "Sufficient evidence...indicative of 'actual malice'" against climate scientist Michael Mann

2 min. read

It's great to see leading climate scientist Michael Mann holding some of the biggest anti-science and anti-clean-energy forces accountable.  The following excerpts are from an important DC Superior Court decision released this past Friday.

Want Politico to Cover Your Energy Bill? Check Out Darren Goode's Call on the Odds it Passes

1 min. read

Going to InterSolar? Here are 10 Tips to Maximize Trade Show ROI

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