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TED Talk: Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm

Challenge, Solution and Results: TED Talk

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When former two-term Governor of Michigan Jennifer Granholm landed the opportunity to present at the popular TED conference in 2013, she turned to Tigercomm.


To ensure success for Gov. Granholm, Tigercomm:

  • Helped draft her speech
  • Rehearsed with Gov. Granholm 3 times by phone, and once in person
  • Coordinated logistics for speech prep and delivery
  • Wrote social media content to promote speech
  • Distributed video and social content


  • Gov. Granholm’s TED Talk has been viewed online more than 737,000 times
  • Gov. Granholm’s speech was favorably mentioned in major outlets including CNN and The Huffington Post:
  • Combined Monthly visits: 757.7 million visits
  • The video remains online to this day, continuing to boost Gov. Granholm’s thought leadership position in the energy policy arena

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