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Success Story | Marketing Communications

Boosting Company Sales Price by $50M


We designed and ran a day-long media event launching the project’s operations that worked around the project’s remote location – 19 miles north of Bakersfield, California. Tigercomm used the company’s leadership and original analysis to brief Bakersfield-area media, leading to pre-event coverage that we flipped onto the national Associated Press wire service. That attention helped us cement event participation by then-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger as well as Bloomberg television.


Utility-scale solar project developer Ausra grew as a company backed by two of the biggest names in venture capital: Khosla Ventures and Kleiner-Perkins. The investors wanted to get the company acquired. Tigercomm had been Ausra’s agency of record for three years, helping the company generate a spate of national business media. Tigercomm was asked to help cap this run with a strategic communications plan for Ausra’s flagship project, which would come online during negotiations with several potential buyers.


  • Opening of the Kimberlina Solar Thermal Power Plant won nearly 30 stories in both national and local media.
  • Our communications during final negotiations with prospective buyers created pressure that led to an estimated $50M in the final sales price.
  • Ausra’s acquisition by French nuclear giant, AREVA, garnered national and international coverage.


“In my estimation, Tigercomm’s work resulted in a $50M boost in our company’s sales price.”
Bob Fishman President, CEO & Chairman

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