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Success Story | Marketing Communications

Jump-Starting a Product Launch To Drive Sales


Tigercomm helped emphasize the attention-getting look of this novel technology to make customers consider the quantifiable savings in repair times and costs. We released the news with a strategy of advanced, embargo pitching to outlets that wind energy developers trust, and amplified the resulting coverage with an intensive digital advertising push that wrapped around customer prospects during the show.


German renewable energy developer E.ON wanted to launch an innovative maintenance service to shorten wind turbine repair times. Instead of commonly used heavy cranes, the company would offer a lighter, faster “climbing crane” that slid up the turbine, making quicker work of critical repairs. E.ON needed a precision launch for its new service to maximize sales traction at the crucial WINDPOWER conference, targeting companies that included those that E.ON’s development business competed against in building wind farms.



“When E.ON needed market awareness for a new service line, Tigercomm built the slingshot, pulled it back, and hit the mark.”
Kevin Gresham Vice President, Government Relations & External Affairs

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