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Success Story | Marketing Communications

Doubling Trade Show Booth Traffic – In a Clutch


Tigercomm worked with the company’s new in-house marketing team to convert aggregated customer responses to sales questionnaires into a groundbreaking industry survey. It found that the average developer waited 3.5-5 weeks for one “Critical Issues Analysis,” at a cost of $7.5K each. An astounding 90% of CIAs informed developers the site in question was unbuildable!

We arranged a briefing tour for the CEO to build trade publication awareness of this unrecognized problem’s cumulative costs on the industry’s burgeoning scaling attempts. Tigercomm then helped the CEO amplify those themes in her presentation, which we taped and then distributed back to those trade publications that received a private briefing.

Closely following the show, we toured the CEO on industry podcasts (here and here) in addition to briefing industry trade association staff and member committees.


Transect’s young, charismatic CEO was out to disrupt the entire environmental engineering field by completely automating and expanding the traditionally lengthy process of evaluating a site for solar or wind viability. Her approach was so revolutionary, it required a significant market education job so developers could understand this faster, vastly less expensive alternative to legacy environmental engineering evaluations. Oh – and they needed that done within one month before the crucial RE+ trade show at which the CEO would be speaking.


  • Transect doubled its booth traffic goals at the show.
  • Leads resulted in sales that delivered revenue several times over its total investment in Tigercomm’s help and show logistics.
  • The company leapt ahead of the field, and has yet to relinquish its first-mover position.


“In the run up to our biggest trade show, Tigercomm jumped in to help us double our goals for booth traffic. The resulting sales were multiples of our initial investment.”
Robin Laine Co-Founder & CEO

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