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Success Story | Public Affairs

Special Initiative on Offshore Wind
Catalyzing the U.S. Offshore Wind Industry


For four years, we helped SIOW plan and execute an integrated public affairs campaign that helped east coast state officials understand the job creation and economic activity potential in catalyzing this industry. We assisted SIOW in framing the industry’s launch as an opportunity for a state to make itself the hub of an entirely new American industry. Tigercomm also helped SIOW fend off an underhanded attempt by the fossil fuel lobby to have the U.S. Coast Guard launch a study that would decry the risks to shipping from offshore wind farms.


While firmly rooted in northern Europe’s economy, the offshore wind industry was hard-pressed to start in the U.S. A lack of experienced companies and supportive policies, combined with hostility by the natural gas and fishing industries made catalyzing the industry a daunting task. The University of Delaware’s Special Initiative on Offshore Wind (SIOW) was created to change that, and it turned to us for help.


  • 300+ stories generated.
  • Engaged a public watchdog group to expose the fossil fuel industry’s role in trying to block the industry. Under public scrutiny, the Coast Guard reversed its initial pronouncement that offshore wind and shipping were incompatible from a safety standpoint.
  • State lease auctions now attract serious companies with large balance sheets. In fact, developers are surveying 18 potential lease areas worth over 24 MW of future offshore wind power generation.


“Tigercomm was integral to our work setting the early policy environment that enabled the launch of the U.S. offshore wind industry.”
Stephanie McCLellan Founder

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