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Success Story | Marketing Communications

Helping a Startup Build an Pipeline of Inbound Sales Leads


Tigercomm identified a LinkedIn-based thought leadership niche for CEO John Belizaire that featured his core analysis challenging conventional wisdom that growing data centers meant more fossil fuel dependence. At our recommendation, Soluna converted its customer analyses into an external-facing “curtailment calculator,” so developers could determine potential savings by selling excess power to Soluna. And, we imbued the company brand with an informal, accessible tone; the company was acquired with an innovative announcement video.


Soluna Computing builds data centers to perform “batchable” computing jobs that can be executed intermittently, enabling them to run off the excess energy from neighboring solar and wind farms. The company wanted to build inbound leads from both computing customers, such as bitcoin miners, and renewable energy developers. With distinct market segments, a highly technical value proposition, and a significantly different product, Soluna faced a challenging market education task.



“One of our target customers, unsolicited, reached out and identified Soluna as a ‘premium brand’ – that inbound lead is thanks to Tigercomm’s PR and marketing efforts.”
Phillip Ng Vice President of Corporate Development at Soluna

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