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Creating Dynamic Websites

The Challenge: We design and run websites for clients with a variety of needs. Whether you need a website to be a hub for your campaign efforts, spread the word about your issue or serve your constituents' needs, let us know how we can help.

Below are some examples of our work:

  1. The Real Bob McDonnell - www.therealbobmcdonnell.com
  2. Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund's Heads in the Sand - www.headsinthesand.org
  3. Citizens Against Un-American Voter Intimidation - www.letamericansvote.org
  4. Concerned Families for ATV Safety - www.atvsafetynet.org
  5. Real Education Solutions - www.realeducationsolutions.org
  6. National Education Association - www.gotttuition.org


1. Tigercomm conceptualized, designed and constructed a website demonstrating the true nature and political affiliations of the Republican Attorney General running for Governor of Virginia. Upon its launch, the site was hailed by some VA pundits as "one of the best attack sites we've seen."

2.Tigercomm designed and built this site highlighting members of Congress working against efforts to promote alternative energy and address global warming. The site included the use of web cartoons and promotion of radio ads to promote its message.

3. Tigercomm designed and built this site featuring case studies, research and grassroots activities to combat political operatives who tamper with the voting rights of Americans. The site documents stories of voters who have experienced intimidation and/or suppression tactics.

4. Tigercomm designed and built a site for Concerned Families for ATV Safety, a consumer watchdog group composed of parents of children killed or hurt in ATV accidents. The site offers an interactive map that details accidents and is updated on a weekly basis.
5. Tigercomm built a site to combat anti-public schools efforts backed by right-wing donors.

6. Tigercomm designed, built and helped to manage the NEA behindthe-wall team's website for their issue advocacy campaign. The site was intended to build awareness of the need for government assistance combating rising college tuition costs.