Success Stories

Ceres: Engaging state policymakers with an integrated advocacy campaign

Challenge: Several state renewable energy policies were at risk, including a Renewable Portfolio Standard in Ohio and a bill to help expand solar power in North Carolina. We needed to engage constituents in key states to help swing the pendulum in favor of clean energy policies. 

Topics: Social Media Content Creation Amplification Public Affairs

Shifting Solar Industry Coverage Away from the Negative Solyndra Story to a Positive Jobs Story

Challenge: When The Solar Foundation (TSF) released its second annual National Solar Jobs Census, it faced a number of challenges in getting media attention. TSF released the report in a crowded news environment, including the intense coverage of the high-profile Solyndra bankruptcy that had called clean-energy growth into question. But

Topics: Attention Generation Public Affairs

Getting Policymakers’ Attention

The Challenge: Joby Energy was in the process of developing a visionary, high-altitude wind generation technology. The company was at a critical stage in its development. Founder and CEO JoeBen Bevirt sought government support for his cutting-edge technology, which requires restricted airspace within which to operate. Joby Energy chose Tigercomm

Topics: Attention Generation Public Affairs Trade Media

Creating Dynamic Websites

The Challenge: We design and run websites for clients with a variety of needs. Whether you need a website to be a hub for your campaign efforts, spread the word about your issue or serve your constituents' needs, let us know how we can help.

Topics: Public Affairs Websites

Rebutting Negative Attacks

The challenge: Pennsylvania Democrats were accused of using public money to pay legislative staffers huge bonuses in return for political work. The scandal had the potential to stain incumbents and put challengers for the state House in untenable positions. Our task was to neutralize this scandal as a campaign issue.

Topics: Attention Generation Public Affairs