Success Stories

    Building Corporate Momentum

    Posted by Admin on Oct 10, 2014 9:34:00 AM


    Challenge: Sungevity, a solar installation and financing company, needed a high-profile strategy to expand its brand so it could compete with larger competitors, win new customers and reach potential investors. The company wanted to leverage its East Coast expansion to not just reach customers, but to build a narrative of company growth and momentum.

    Solution: The top homeowner concern about residential solar was upfront costs and red tape. So we developed and executed a six-month PR plan that emphasized Sungevity’s customer-friendly iQuote process and residential solar leasing program. We simultaneously pursued national financial media attention regarding the company’s expanding business partnerships. To produce a steady drumbeat of media attention, we:

    • Secured an exclusive story from The Huffington Post on the company’s use of a touring, solar-powered popsicle truck for the East Coast rollout. We chose this national online outlet because of this importance ofusing news story links to drive customers to Sungevity’s site, and because its readership matched Sungevity’scustomer demographics.
    • Built customer engagement through stories of Sungevity’s hiring of displaced workers and its financial support of schools.
    • Layered coverage of the rollout with successful pitching to financial media on Sungevity's partnerships with Fortune 50 companies, such as Lowe's, U.S. Bancorp and Rabobank that expanded its residential solar leasing program.


    In less than a year, we secured hundreds of unique stories in national publications including The New York Times, USA Today and Smart Money; financial publications such as Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones; and, crucial local media market outlets in the company's high-growth markets, including The Los Angeles Times, San Jose Mercury News, and the The Star-Ledger. The coverage helped the company close the market distance with its larger two competitors and played a significant lead generation role in the months ahead.