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Our success stories



Engaging state policymakers with an integrated advocacy campaign

Challenge: Several state renewable energy policies were at risk, including a Renewable Portfolio Standard in Ohio and a bill to help expand solar power in North Carolina. We needed to engage constituents in key states to help swing the pendulum in favor of clean energy policies. 

Micro-Targeting Policymakers with Digital Video Ads

Challenge: During the past few years, an unfavorable political environment and attacks by entrenched interests were providing eroding support for various clean energy sources. Building on the progress of A Renewable America's field and traditional PR efforts to counter this trend, we needed a creative and impactful way to continue pushing clean energy out of the culture wars. 

Expanding a Brand Globally

Challenge: Sungevity, an Oakland-based national residential solar installer, needed a standout event to launch its international brand. Republic of Maldives President Mohammed Nasheed needed to draw attention to the threat of rising sea levels to his low-lying country. Sungevity seized the opportunity to not only install solar panels on the presidential palace, but also to enlist President Nasheed – a former electrician – to lend a hand with the installation.

Using a Product Launch as a Brand Builder

Challenge: After a European launch of its newest panel received minimal attention, Trina Solar wanted to showcase the product in the U.S. market. But the company faced an industry downturn and little perceived difference between competing manufacturers’ panels.

What clients have said...

Robert E. Fishman, then-Chief Executive Officer AREVA Solar

"Tigercomm is not just a vendor. They are a strategic business partner, and they provide a valuable competitive advantage for us by effectively delivering our message to customers, investors and policymakers."  


Alli Gold Roberts, Manager, Policy Program, Ceres

"Tigercomm crafted a comprehensive, social media strategy to generate needed attention among our targeted audiences." 



John O’Donnell, Former Executive Vice President, Ausra

"I have had extensive dealings with PR firms, but I have never seen an agency put so much into understanding a client’s needs - or meeting those needs – with the precision of Tigercomm. When it comes to helping cleantech companies build their brand and make their case to customers and investors, Tigercomm gets it." 


Roger Efird, SEIA Board Chair and President of Suntech America 

"Tigercomm has proven consistently effective, responsive and smart." 

JoeBen Bevirt, Founder and CEO, Joby Energy

"Tigercomm understands how to harness a company's assets to help it scale. They took the time to deeply understand my business, then crafted a message and a smart strategy focusing our communications on the audiences critical to our success." 

Chris Chafe, President, Growth Squared 

"Whether working on the Clean Energy Roadshows in markets across America, or helping direct our formal launch event, Tigercomm has provided excellent service and top notch professional execution. Tigercomm engaged and improved every element of our messaging, our outreach, and our presentation. They know how to win and they run through the tape for you on every event." 

Jim Callihan, President, Renewable Energy World

"Tigercomm really understands the renewable energy sector and they know how to earn attention. They're one of the best in the business." 

Matthew Kraft, Public Relations Manager, SCHOTT North America 

"Tigercomm represented us nationwide for several years with smart, effective service and commitment to results. They bring a lot of thought to every client, able to map out large-scale plans, yet nimble enough to respond at a moment's notice to a change in direction..." 

Our happy clients...