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Moving An Industry Leader Into Thought Leadership

Challenge: Vestas’ high-octane president of its largest market group (U.S. and Canada) wanted to boost sales with a public case that wind is the most economic new energy choice for utilities and other customers.

Topics: Thought Leadership

Pitching Climate Change Impact Reports

Challenge: Climate change research organization has research products that hyper-localize the effects of climate change to drive home its effects on the lives of ordinary Americans. Our client’s goal was to ensure their findings were seen by a wide range of Americans across the entire country

Topics: Digital Media & Advertising

TED Talk: Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm


Topics: Thought Leadership

Expanding Customer Offerings In North America


Challenge: In April 2015, E.ON, the world’s largest investor-owned utility and one of the largest U.S. renewable energy generators, was ready to take its customer offerings in North America to the next level — utilizing its global expertise in energy asset management, maintenance and service for the benefit of North American renewable energy projects.

Topics: Marketing & Communications Thought Leadership Digital Media & Advertising

Corporate Social Media Strategy & Management

Challenge: Our client wanted to build brand awareness and loyalty in the United States market. To maximize Return On Investment, our client tasked Tigercomm with creating and executing a plan to: Promote awareness of our client’s core values; engage potential commercial or utility-scale customers; and drive traffic to the our client’s website.

Topics: Inbound Marketing

Ceres: Engaging state policymakers with an integrated advocacy campaign

Challenge: Several state renewable energy policies were at risk, including a Renewable Portfolio Standard in Ohio and a bill to help expand solar power in North Carolina. We needed to engage constituents in key states to help swing the pendulum in favor of clean energy policies. 

Micro-Targeting Policymakers with Digital Video Ads

Challenge: During the past few years, an unfavorable political environment and attacks by entrenched interests were eroding support for various clean energy sources. Building on the progress of A Renewable America's field and traditional PR efforts to counter this trend, we needed a creative and impactful way to continue pushing clean energy out of the culture wars. 

Topics: Digital Media & Advertising

Launching a Solar Power Plant

Client: AREVA Solar

Challenge: AREVA Solar (then-Ausra) needed a high-profile media launch event for its new Kimberlina Solar Thermal Power Plant in Bakersfield, CA. The company needed to use the event to attract investors from around the world to its promising concentrated solar power (CSP) technology, but it faced the twin challenges of a remote location and a busy time for solar industry news.