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Voting with Their Dollars: Public and Investors Increasingly Back Corporations That Support Sustainability

3 min. read

by Tanara Bowie

Topics: Clean Economy

Direct Corporate Purchasers Biggest Driver of Commercial Solar Sector Growth, But Funding Obstacles Remain For Smaller Purchasers

2 min. read

Say “residential solar” and people immediately think Solar City. That company, along with Vivint Solar and Sunrun, comprises 50 percent of the residential market. The commercial side of the solar industry, in contrast, has lacked a clear winner, with the top 10 developers making up only 42 percent of the market, according to the recent GTM Research report, US Commercial Solar Landscape 2016-2020.

Topics: Marketing & Communications

Recent Conference Points to Potential Reliability, Renewable Energy Benefits of Microgrids

2 min. read

Recently, the Association for Demand Response and Smart Grid’s National Town Meeting in Washington, DC, brought together a variety of players including utilities, policymakers, software developers, and energy writers. The three-day conference kicked off with presentations and group discussions on the hotly debated topic of microgrids.