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Direct Corporate Purchasers Biggest Driver of Commercial Solar Sector Growth, But Funding Obstacles Remain For Smaller Purchasers

Say “residential solar” and people immediately think Solar City. That company, along with Vivint Solar and Sunrun, comprises 50 percent of the residential market. The commercial side of the solar industry, in contrast, has lacked a clear winner, with the top 10 developers making up only 42 percent of the market, according to the recent GTM Research report, US Commercial Solar Landscape 2016-2020.

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IRENA's "Letting in the Light" and "The Power to Change" Show Sky's the Limit for Solar, Wind

Two recent reports by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) show that the sky's the limit for solar and wind power.

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How Green Are Your Travel Plans?

From time to time, guest bloggers will contribute posts to Scaling Green, offering a practical take on energy and environmental topics. This post is by Megan Ray Nichols of the Schooled by Science blog.

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"Solar is a technology, not a fuel": Why the Transition to a Clean Energy Economy Could Be Faster than Expected

Two recent articles on the transition to a clean energy economy are well worth amplification. First, see Bloomberg's "The World Nears Peak Fossil Fuels for Electricity," which discusses the New Energy Outlook 2016 by Bloomberg New Energy Finance. A few key points from that report include:

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New GTM "Solar Market Insight" Report Has a Lot of Good News for U.S. Solar Industry

GTM Research is out with its "Solar Market Insight" report for the second quarter of 2016, and there's a lot of good news for the U.S. solar industry. Here are a few highlights from the report's executive summary.

Construction of Tallest Wind Power Turbine in U.S. Highlights Why Wind is the "Bridge to America's Clean Energy Future"

The other day at the WINDPOWER 2016 conference in New Orleans, Vestas Americas President Chris Brown delivered a superb speech entitled "Generation Wind – Building a Bridge to America's Clean Energy Future." Among Brown's main points were two important ones:

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