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Why Steer Into Rough Seas? Helping Help Offshore Wind Avoid Community Acceptance Problems

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Offshore wind must effectively engage coastal communities. It can save money and avoid heartache through the lessons of other clean economy sectors.

"Solar and onshore/offshore wind developers. Download, read and take action.… You'll thank Mike Casey and me." – Susan Munroe, Director of Economic Development, Chambers for Innovation and Clean energy.

AWEA-Mike Casey


>An 18-minute read<

Offshore wind (OSW) is a disruptive new sector within the power industry. Like other clean economy sectors, its success will rely partly on effectively engaging local communities. In OSW’s case, it’s the communities where project infrastructure will make landfall that will have control over whether or not OSW farms are built.

The increased professionalization of professional NIMBY pushback (Not in My Back Yard) threatens that success. However, OSW can save time and avoid heartache by adapting the hard-won community engagement lessons from other clean economy sectors.

We’ve analyzed the community relations experiences of solar, onshore wind and the PACE sectors for portable lessons to other clean economy sectors, including OSW. We’ve identified a three-stage, “Clean Economy Mistake Path” that is expensive to enter and can end at project fatality.

The resulting e-book contains a first-ever set of community engagement recommendations for OSW developers. The e-book anchors a three-part package of content, and it’s the latest in our “Market Better” series.

This initiative stems from my presentation at last fall’s Offshore Wind Conference in Boston, hosted by the American Wind Energy Association. Shout out to Nate Mayo of Vineyard Wind and several other audience members who encouraged us to expand last fall’s presentation into a more in-depth format.

In this e-book, we cover:

  • OSW’s community acceptance landscape
  • The “Clean Economy Mistake Path”
  • 5 common mis-steps to avoid
  • 4 best practices to consider

Click here to download our new e-book and companion slides.

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